The Stylish Samsung SH100 For 14MP Photos

 Samsung_SH100Samsung SH100 is probably one of the most stylish cameras in the market and packs some great features in it too. The 14.2-megapixel camera takes great photos in varying light conditions and takes you out of the regretful smartphone photography. The camera also allows you to do a 5x digital zoom and the optical sensor type used on the camera is CCD. The design is smart and stylish however it could be a little problematic for people with autism since it is slippery and more prone to falling than other cameras. A fall could be panicking for autistic people.

The camera has a flash to take pictures in low light conditions and the ISO levels vary from 100 to 3200 but that’s a little downfall for the camera as well since in the mid to higher ranges the image quality isn’t what you would call neat. Once again, this camera gets all the admiration for its Wi-Fi feature that lets the users take photos and upload them as soon as they have access to a Wi-Fi network. However, there are some limitations that don’t make you feel so good when using the Wi-Fi feature of this particular camera.


The limit on upload size of your pictures and videos is a big concern for all users. Furthermore, without the microSD card you will only have enough space on the camera to store one full size picture and that’s it. There is another thing that makes this camera a little unfit for people with autism and this thing is the menu. The menu is not the best arranged menu on a camera and makes you go through a lot of rarely-used options before you reach the important and most commonly used options. This can be a bit annoying for all the users.

The CCD sensor is known for using more power so you might want to keep extra battery packs when traveling to far flung places. It does allow you to zoom your pictures and there are some great shooting modes and filter options so you can always consider it as a better option than your smartphone camera. However, since Samsung is bringing the smartphones and cameras closer to each other the transition from a smartphone to this camera is very subtle and you won’t have any problems in that. A good thing is the touchscreen option that reduces the amount of buttons on the camera and there’s no dedicated video recording button too.