March 15, 2017

Ultrasone HFI-680
Ultrasone HFI-680

Ultrasone HFI-680 are closed-back headphones and thus you can expect some great bassy performance from them when you are playing bass-oriented music. The hip hop and rap lovers will also love these headphones for their performance when it comes to bass. The design of the headphones is also intelligent and Ultrasone has definitely proved that it is in the market of high-end headphones for some impact and not just to lose. One thing that any user would want to know before buying these headphones is that they are big so you should be a fan of huge headphones if you are interested in buying them.

The headphones are built to be comfortable for every user and faux leather on earpieces is to keep you comfortable even when you are having hours of music listening sessions. The headband is also cushioned however only the top part if cushioned so if you have a little wider head shape you might feel a little discomfort when wearing them. Outer cups look great in a silvery color and are made of machine metal. The colors of the headphones are not the most shocking and bright colors but are good enough for using at home and in office.


When it comes to sound these headphones can easily beat any other headphones in terms of bass. They produce a lot of bass but it can sound overdone at times too. Ultrasone also claims the great performance of its headphones due to the use of ULE technology which means ultralow emission. However, there is not much to notice or clearly noticeable since the performance of the headphones changes as you switch it into different devices. The heavy bass sound easily dominates the treble so you won’t be able to hear a lot of highs if that’s the type of music you like to listen to.

If you like heavy metal then the pounding of the drums and rhythmic thumping that comes through on these headsets almost ats like a form of deep pressure therapy. This could help those on the autistic spectrum center and focus.

Storage of these headphones is not a problem at all. The headphones are definitely big in size but the earpieces can be folded inwards allowing you to carry them with you. This feature can be a great one for people with autism who have been using a folding headphone before. They don’t have to deal with a headphone that they can’t carry with them. Whenever you are playing a movie with a lot of bass sound in it i.e. a movie with madly running dinosaurs, the sound performance will definitely dazzle you.

The sensitivity of these headphones stands at 99dB and the impedance of 75-OHM allows you to plug them into your portable devices. There is a 10-foot long cable attached permanently to the headphones with 3.5mm pin by default. There is an additional 6.5mm pin included along with an additional adapter converting a 6.5mm to 3.5mm pin. Earpieces are oval shaped and fully padded so you will not hear a lot of outside sound when you wear these headphones. Overall, this is another great addition in high-end headphones from Ultrasone and   people who love bass, closed-back headphones with a big size will greatly admire these headphones.

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