Would you like to be a writer for us? Great! We accept bylined current event articles and opinion pieces for Autism Daily Newscast and longer informative pieces for our monthly magazine. You do not have to be a published journalist but you must write in a newspaper style. In fact we welcome students as well as those with first hand experience.

We also publish summaries of research findings based on polls, surveys, and research studies conducted by scientists, academia, PR firms, and other related researchers.

1. Contribute bylined current event articles for

Bylined articles (400-700 words or so of body text) written from an objective viewpoint and conveying valuable  content (events happening, latest trends, relevant information) in a neutral, unbiased voice are more likely to meet AutismDailyNewscast standards—and therefore more likely to be accepted for publication. See, as examples, the following three articles:

  1. Study Suggests Girls’ Brains Are More Resilient
  2. Special needs versus NT behaviour – a voice from the Spectrum
  3. One Family’s Life with a Service Dog for Autism

At the moment we are not taking on any paid staff writers but we will publish guest contributors. A byline with one link would be listed under the article.

We are actively seeking “roving reporters” from around the world who are willing and able to give us updates on events or happenings in their geographical area.

A short bio would be appreciated. Send your submissions to

We will inform you if your article has been accepted for publication; expect to hear from us within 48 hours or so of our having received your email. If we choose not to accept your article, you will hear from us but depending on how busy we are, you may not hear from us for up to a week or so.

Articles accepted for publication will be edited for clarity and brevity and to conform to the AutismDailyNewscast style. We will likely change your title, too, so you might want to suggest some alternatives.

If you are interested in joining other AutismDailyNewscast contributors reporting on the latest aspects of autism—on a one-time or a regular basis—here are some guidelines:

  1. Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  2. Articles should offer readers the latest news or stories related to autism. Bullet points are fine. Meandering text is not.
  3. Articles must follow a journalistic style which answers the 5W in the first two sentences.
  4. Articles must be professionally written with perfect grammar and spelling
  5. Include a brief bio of at most 25 words and a recent headshot (make sure your entire head is in the picture).
  6. Include relevant links in parentheses, next to the words to be linked (i.e., do not embed the links).
  7. Submit articles in Word format (no PDF files, please), as email attachments.
  8. Quotes are encouraged  but should be short and sweet.
  9. Images are nice but not required.
  10. If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose as much to the audience.
  11. The author retains copyright, but AutismDailyNewscast may reprint your piece, with full attribution, in AutismDailyNewscast products, including marketing materials.
  12. We do not pay guest contributors for their occasional articles.

Send byline submissions to Include AutismDailyNewscast byline contribution in your email subject line. Note that our breaking news takes precedence and the queue for other reports is longer. If accepted, publication could take two to three weeks.

2. Share your research findings with AutismDailyNewscast

If you have findings from autism-related research and would like to share them with the AutismDailyNewscast audience, please send us the information to and include Research findings in the subject line.

3. Write an opinion piece for AutismDailyNewscast

In contrast to AutismDailyNewscast bylined articles, which focus on transmitting relevant news on autism, opinion pieces simply share opinions, voice an argument, or discuss autism trends—much like the op/ed pages of a newspaper.

For all intents and purposes, the administrative guidelines for byline submissions to AutismDailyNewscast apply to contributed opinion pieces as well. However, we limit opinion pieces to once or twice a week.

Submit to and include “Opinion piece contribution” in the subject line.

4. First Hand Experiences and Life in the Trenches

Autism Daily Newscast has a number of weekly columns where we welcome submissions. Again the format should be similar to above in a newspaper style but may be more personal. Articles styles from Huffington Post are good examples. Currently we have four columns that are for Guests each week.  These stories range in length from 600 to 1,000 words

  • Parent’s Corner
  • Aging Out
  • World of Work
  • A Closer Look

Send your submissions to with the appropriate column of interest  in the subject line.

5. Profiles in Brief

For those out there who may not be writers or bloggers but would like to share a story about an “unsung hero” we have a way for you to contribute as well. We are happy to accept short articles from any of our readers about individuals who are currently doing wonderful work in the area of autism, autism awareness or anything on the spectrum. Articles should be 250 to 400 words and should include a photo. We reserve the right to do some editing if we choose to print the piece. A one line sentence about the writer is also welcomed but no byline is provided.  Send your submissions to with  “Profiles in brief” in the subject line.

6. Magazine Submissions

Send an email to with some background information on your topic and subject matter. Articles that are less journalistic and more inspirational will be considered. Length is between 1500 and 3,000 words. Images or a video are encouraged.