Shure SRH550DJ Headphones Will Make You A DJ With Their Bass

Shure SRH550DJ Headphones

Shure SRH550DJ Headphones

When you want to have some great bass along with comfort for your ears and head you should definitely go for the Shure SRH550DJ. These headphones have been designed especially for the DJs to make them enjoy the music and play it for the listeners even in places where the noise is loud enough to make a person deaf to his own voice. All the features on these headphones are great and they cover the comfort, performance and durability factors well. These headphones are moveable so you can easily use them for your portable devices too.

A few people who are not the fans of plastic headphones might not be very happy with these headphones because they are completely made of plastic and the headband part can be a little creaky. However, there is no doubt that these headphones have been designed to last for a long time. You wouldn’t expect such features with aluminum and other expensive metals when you are paying less than $100 on a pair of headphones. In short, one should be thankful of whatever he gets with these headphones because they are cheap and more affordable than any other headphones in the market with similar features.


They come with a flat wire that is the easiest to use with any headphones because these flat wires don’t tangle much. Autistic people can also enjoy these headphones for their great features and intelligent design. If you have an autistic person at home who has been using foldable headphones you should definitely go for these because these headphones can be easily folded when you want to carry them around. The cushions on the earpieces are very big with small hole that do not cover ears from all sides but touch the ears due to the small size of the hole.

The headband’s size is adjustable however the padding on the headband is not the ideal and most comfortable padding. When it comes to performance in terms of bass you would love the rumbling bass and this is the most prominent characteristic of these headphones when it comes to music playing. The material around the earpieces is fake leather along with cotton to give you full comfort. The performance of these headphones in terms of bass is best for those who love pop and hip hop music and of course the DJs who these headphones have been designed for.

The headphones don’t come “bare-naked” but instead a carrying pouch comes with the package so you can carry the headphones around with you safely. A small point of concern for many people might be the way the cushions are attached to the earpieces – they seem to be coming off but that’s not the case. Replacement cushions are also available from the company once the first cushions have completely worn out. The cups on these headphones can also rotate so those who are interested in listening to the songs while doing their DJ job with one year each can do the job easily with these headphones.