March 15, 2017

Sony MDR-1R Premium headphones
Sony MDR-1R Premium headphones

Sony MDR-1R premium headphones have been designed by Sony to be different and lavish. As soon as you put them on your head you realize the level of comfort they offer along with some great sound. It’s not that Sony has put all the focus on designing this pair of headphones, but you will feel that the sound of these headphones is just as good as its looks. The materials used on these headphones are durable and for anyone who is tired of plastic headphones and their delicateness and sensitivity, these headphones are the best solution right now.

The only problem that most of the users might have with these headphones is the price. However, if you look closely and go deep into the details you are not paying for any unnecessary details and features. These headphones are purposeful and designed intelligently. The headband is fully padded unlike other headphones that have only half the surface padded. The earpieces are made of aluminum but the cushioning around them is probably the most craftily done cushioning providing maximum comfort to ears regardless of how long they are being worn.


The first thing one notices about these headphones is their design. They look very stylish and give a very lavishing feel when held. The aluminum earpieces with red lining in the back are just what any user would want. Earpieces are big and will enclose ears completely. This feature serves autistic people greatly because they tend to listen to their favorite music repeatedly. When there is no sound coming out of the headphones parents and others won’t have to go through the discomfort of haring the same song over and over.

The leather cushions are extremely comfortable but they can be sweaty when you wear them for a long time so this is something to consider. With impedance of just 24-ohm and sensitivity at 105db/mw, you will love using these headphones with your portable devices. The headphones are on cable but the cable is detachable so it can be easily store the headphones separately from the wire in your laptop bag. The headphones won’t fold but the swivel of the earpieces makes them very flat so they can be easily accommodated in a laptop bag’s pocket. The L-shaped plug makes them perfect for plugging into your mp3 players, iPods and other similar devices without having a long tail sticking out of the audio jack.

The most prominent quality and the biggest reason to buy these headphones is the clarity of their bass. The bass produced by these headphones is definitely better than most of the headphones in the same price range. The set comes with its own carrying pouch as well so you can keep it clean and protected from dust and dirt when carrying it around with you. For the increased comfort level you should definitely feel free to buy these headphones for people who have autistic condition.


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