March 15, 2017

Sennheiser_HD_598The Sennheiser HD598 is a big change in what Sennheiser has been doing in making headphones over the years. The design of this particular headphone is slightly different but when it comes to looks, the headphone stands out among all Sennheiser headphones. These are high-performance headphones designed just like other Sennheiser headphones to deliver high quality sound. Cushioned headband and the earpieces provide maximum comfort to the wearers and metal mesh at the back of earpieces gives this headphone the ever-desired looks.

The 10-foot cable allows the users to freely move and shuffle when they are listening to music without feeling bound to a side. There is an innovative technology used in the making of these headphones known as the EAR (ergonomic acoustic refinement) technology that directs the audio channels in such a way that every little wave of sound enters your ear. The frequency response of these headphones is higher than many other headphones that you will find in the same price range. Impedance of 50-ohm makes it perfect for using with laptops, smartphones, iPods and other portable devices.


The cushion on the earpieces is probably the most lavish and comfortable cushioning you will find on any other headphones. The designing has been done with great detail but it does not mean that sound quality has been compromised in the making of these headphones. Sennheiser is known for producing some of the best headphones when it comes to sound quality and the standard has been maintained well with HD598 as well. The sound of these headphones has been admired greatly by the customers who purchased them. If you don’t find them very great in terms of their sound in the beginning, just wait and keep playing them until they start giving you the result that you have been expecting from them.

The bass and the mids of these headphones have been admired the most by the people who love to go deep into music and sounds. Even the vocals of many of the songs sound better on these headphones as compared to many others with the same or high price. Another aspect of the sound produced by these headphones is the naturalness, a key feature for those on the autistic spectrum. The sound produced by these headphones has got some great reviews from experts and customers because of how natural it is. The cable is not coiled and this is a great addition for people with autism because they may be inclined to play with the coiled cable a lot.

These circumaural headphones are definitely the best deal right now for those who want to stay within the mid ranges when it comes to spending the money on headphones but want to enjoy some great sound along with some lavish and stylish looks. The 3-meter long cable should allow you to hear the songs in any corner of your room but people with big rooms and lounges might not find this length very suitable. The 6.3mm jack plug might surprise you in the first look but the converter takes care of that and it comes with your headphones.

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