March 15, 2017

Audio_Technica_ATH M50
Audio_Technica_ATH M50

Audio Technica ATH M50 has proven to be one of the best and on many websites the best headphones for audiophiles. These headphones are great for ordinary music lovers and for those who are always working on making, editing and mixing the music. The most amazing thing about these headphones is their price. Customers who purchased it have loved them for their low price for the features being offered. There are many other headphones in the market with almost the same features or a few lacking but with prices that are even more than double the price of ATH M50.

First thing to note about this headphone is the audio quality and high sensitivity. These are closed-back headphones are meant to isolate you from the surroundings when you are hearing your favorite music. They have a long coiled cord that gives you a lot of freedom to move around when you are wearing them. The cord cannot be detached but the coiled cord allows enough freedom to anyone. It has a built-in microphone as well and a great addition with them is the pouch to protect them from dust and elements when you are not using them.


The earpieces of these headphones can swivel to a maximum of 180-degree and the headrest area can be adjusted for varying head sizes. Earpieces are fully cushioned to allow you to hear your favorite music for hours without hurting your ears. Headband is also padded and cushioned since the headphones have been designed for professional monitoring and mixing that requires hours of non-stop working. Their impedance is 38-ohm so you can easily carry them around even if you have an iPod, mp3 player or other portable device.

The headphones have a collapsible design so when you must travel with them you can fold them and take them with you without any hassle. Their extra weight and an adjustable headband is a great addition for people with autism too. Autistic people could become very annoyed with headphones that don’t remain on their heads and this can make them become very convulsive and angry. Another reason why you should have these headphones for people with autism is the perfect size of their cups and proper cushioning around them. These headphones are really comfortable on ears so they are not irritating for anyone who wears them for a longer duration.

There are many other headphones in the market from some of the best makers but the recent expert and customer reviews have revealed that these headphones have been better than many of them with their lower price. Their highs, mids and lows have been greatly admired and this is the reason why Audio-Technica has chosen to call them the headphones for professionals. The 10-foot cable, big sized earpieces, adjustable and cushioned headpiece combined with extremely improved and clearly sound quality make this pair of headphones one of the most famous in the market today and are definitely recommended for those working in studios on their music for hours.

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