March 15, 2017

Monster Inspiration
Monster Inspiration

There are hundreds of headphones to choose from when you are in the market but you rarely find the ones that have options that are not present in most of the other headphones. Padded earpieces along with cushioned headbands are common in almost all the modern headphones now but Monster Inspiration goes a step further by adding a few additional features. Company has done a great job in creating a pair of headphones that is comfortable, feature-rich and performs at best when it comes to playing music. The pure black design makes them look decent and sober and easy to use in office environments.

When you talk about the performance of these headphones the word “punchy” defines its performance the best. It plays a good role in highlighting the mids of the songs and even though it doesn’t produce the deepest bass but still does the job well. There are two versions of the same model; one with active and other with passive noise cancellation. The model with active noise cancellation is much expensive than the one with passive noise cancellation. The biggest problem with these headphones for most of the users might only be their bulky and big size.


They are over the ear headphones so you can expect to be isolated from the rest of the world when listening to your favorite music. The padding around the earpieces is perfect to keep you comfortable even if you have been listening to songs for hours. The size of the earpieces is big so you shouldn’t feel any irritation on your ears. This proves to be a great addition for autistic people as well because they don’t have to deal with the earpieces that touch their ears. Removing them repeatedly from the ears could become a serious concern for autistic people.

There are various options available for headbands. If you are not happy with the black color of your headphones you don’t have to stick to the black color. The headband option allows you to change and get a new color headband cover for your headphones. The package comes with one additional headband cover that you can use when you are tired of the black color but the rest of the headband covers need to be bought separately. This might be a little problem for some people since the new headband cover will cost them around $30 and it sounds expensive.

The seal on your ears will be tight and the headphones are bulky and heavy too. This means that if you put on the headphones you will have sweaty ears for sure, especially in a place where the temperature is a bit hot. A great feature of these headphones is that they have an integrated microphone so when you have them attached to your smartphone, you can answer the calls and talk on the phone through the microphone. There are 3 detachable cords that you will get with the headphones and the carrying case allows you to carry these headphones with ease anywhere you want.

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