March 15, 2017

V-Moda Crossfade M-100
V-Moda Crossfade M-100

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is probably one of the coolest looking headphones with some of the best features you will ever find in headphones. These headphones have made a great name not only for their great sound but also the improved durability and sturdiness as compared to other headphones in the market right now. The remote control function along with a microphone with the headphone make it a great choice for people who are listening to music at home or those working in the studios and other places on music. They are also very beautiful looking headphones with an intelligent design.

The only thing that users might feel a little uncomfortable with is the price of these headphones but with the level of comfort they offer along with great features, this is nothing to complain about. However, it can be easily said that these headphones are not for people who are on a budget. The sound quality of these headphones is amazing and you can hear various genres of music some great detail. V-Moda is known for making headphones that produce great bass so any type of music that has a lot of bass in it would sound the best on these headphones.


These headphones can easily be used by DJs and in fact they are designed specifically for DJs. The swivel in the earpieces allows DJs to keep the headphones on one ear while they enjoy the live music sound from the other ear. The leatherette padding makes these headphones really comfortable on ears even during the longer music sessions. The bass producing qualities of these headphones can be put in simple words as warm and friendlier to bass lovers. A great addition is the detachable cable with these headphones making life easier for everyone and also for people who have autism.

The earpieces are not exactly round and their big size makes them very comfortable on ears and cover them completely for isolation. The sturdiness of these headphones is another great aspect making them stand out among the crowd. The headband is reinforced with steel so no matter how much the headphones is stretched and pulled it will return to its original position. The 70-plus impact design makes sure that your headphones don’t break as soon as they fall on the ground and the manufacturer has claimed that nothing would happen to the headphones even if they fall on a concrete floor from a height of 6-feet.

V-Moda has always tried to make things easier for its users and it has done it again by providing the jacks on both earpieces for connecting the power cord. There are two cables included with the package when it comes to you and one of the cables allows you to connect your headphones with portable devices while other is a plain cable. There is a great feature called SharePlay on the long cable of the headphones allowing your friends to attach another headset and listen to the songs with you at the same time without you having to put the headphones over their heads.

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