October 25, 2016

SonyCyber-shot DSC-WX50

As reported earlier in Autism Daily Newscast, cameras offer children with autism a new way to communicate. If you have a child with autism, you are probably always looking for gadgets and devices that are easy to use. You want your child to have the benefits that all other children have. In other words, even with something as simple as a camera, you want to get that which will be easy for your child to use. The biggest advantage that the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 camera is that it is ideal for automat8c snapshots. The camera will allow your child to take all the photos he or she needs without having to leave the auto function. Additionally, even when the camera is in auto mode, the pictures will come out perfectly.


Though the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 is relatively smaller than most cameras, its photo and video quality is still much better than that of a Smartphone. The camera has things like wide angle lenses, optical image stabilization, Bionz image processor and a 5x zoom function. Also notable is that the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50’s photo quality is good both indoors and outdoors. However, though the camera does take good photos anywhere, the disappointing thing about them is that they are not very sharp. In other words, the photo quality might be good, but the subjects look a little painterly. With such images, it will not be possible for you to do any serious cropping or enlarge the photos. The biggest size of photos that this camera can print is 13×9. However, since you are buying this camera for your artistic child to use, and not for professional use, the printable size of photos does is not significant. In addition to good photo quality, the camera also has good video quality. Videos can also be captured in auto mode, which makes the camera ideal for home movies.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 is a pocket camera. Its small size makes it ideal for all occasions, since it is easy to carry. However, given its size, some of the camera controls might be a little hard to use, especially for children with autism. Children with autism may require large objects. Some individuals on the autism spectrum have manual dexterity issues and might require buttons that are big enough to push without having to worry about pushing the wrong buttons. Therefore, the fact that the camera is too small might make it a little frustrating for a child with autism. Overall, if you want something to capture good photos and videos, this camera is ideal.

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