The Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS and Autism

Cano_PowerSho_ Elph_510HSLooking at the Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS, the first thing you will notice is how attractive it is. The camera has a 10x zoom and 12 mega pixels. This makes it ideal for a child who does not like to be around so many people, or who likes to stay in the comfort of his house or room. With a 10x zoom, the camera is ideal for a child with autism, since it allows him or her to shoot photos from a safe distance. The camera makes it possible for you to switch between a narrow lens and the aforementioned 10x zoom. The higher resolution also makes the camera ideal for photo shooting, since it means an improved photo and video quality.


Additionally, this camera is extremely ideal for children with autism because of its touch screen function. The Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS has a 3.2 inch touch screen and a 3 inch LCD. This is like a dream come true for autistic children, since all they have to do is touch the high resolution screen to get to whatever features they want. Instead of buttons, your autistic child will only need to touch the screen. It goes, without saying that a touch screen makes the camera that much more easy to use. Additionally, the option of switching between the LCD and the touch screen allows the user to choose to use the camera in the simplest possible manner. In other words, if you find that your child is more comfortable with a touch screen, you can set the camera to that function. On the other hand, if you realize that the child is more comfortable with an LCD, you can still go ahead and set it to that function.

However, the Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS does not have a long battery life, so it might require you to move with either an extra battery or a charger. The photos and videos captured are of high quality, though they might not look so good if viewed in large sizes. They are however, still satisfactory for web use and small size printing. The camera has a functional auto function, making it possible for your child to take photos without having to adjust any of the camera features. The Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS also allows you to put a little creativity into your photos and videos.