The Canon PowerShot A1200 Pros and Cons for Autistic Children

Canon_PowerShot_A1200 Autism Daily Newscast in a previous article discusses how cameras can offer children with autism a new way to communicate. This is our ongoing and continuing series on suitable and affordable cameras for autistic children and others on the autism spectrum.

The first thing you need to understand about the Canon PowerShot A1200 is that it is really affordable. Given all the features that this camera has to offer, the price is just ideal. Not that price should be an issue when you are buying something for your autistic child, but it still does not hurt to manage money wisely. This budget friendly camera us powered by two AA sized batteries, and has a 4x zoom function. The camera has numerous shooting options, which gives you a number of options to choose from. Children with autism usually restricted behavior. In other words, they usually limit their focus to a single game or program. Therefore, the fact that the camera has so many shooting options to choose from makes it ideal for such a child, since the child will have the option of choosing the mode that suits him best. This is as opposed to buying a camera that is preset, which the child might not like.


Like most cameras in the Canon PowerShot A1200 price range, the camera is relatively slow. In other words, the Canon PowerShot A1200 has a slow shooting range. It is for this reason that it is usually not recommended for most children who are active. However, the good news is that children with autism are not like most children. They are not as active and they often like to do their things a little slower. Therefore, the fact that this camera takes more time to capture photos makes it ideal for children with autism, since it will allow them to focus more on what they are shooting and take their time while doing so.

The Canon PowerShot A1200 is not good in low light. If used in low light scenes, the photo quality will not be as good as desired. In other words, it is only if the camera is used in much light that it will produce good quality photos. It, therefore, goes without saying that the more light, the better the photo quality. Despite the lighting, 4×6 photo prints are still possible with the Canon PowerShot A1200. The camera’s video quality is good enough for TV viewing and web usage. However, when recording, it will not be possible for you to use the zoom function, which might not be ideal for some people, or certain situations. However, since most children with autism may experience difficulties zooming and shooting at the same time, this is but a small inconvenience.