Samsung WB250F Is The Right Camera To Have Today

Samsung-WB250F_whiteFourth in our series of camera reviews is the Samsung WB250F. It is definitely a great purchase for all those people who want to move on to a better camera and take better photos than what they have been taking from their inferior smartphone cameras. This smart camera from Samsung brings 14-megapixel of resolution to the table with 18x zoom so you could see even the smallest things in your photos as large as you want. It has a minimalist design with not a lot of buttons so it can be considered as a great option for people with autism as well. The white color gives it more style and better looks too.
The CMOS sensor makes sure that every picture you take has ample light to keep your photos bright and clear. The touchscreen option ensures that you don’t have to continue with the clicking all the time. Once again, the touchscreen option is a great option with autistic people since they don’t have to do a lot of clicking. If you didn’t know, people with autism can be very susceptible to even the slightest sounds so the constant clicking could be as annoying and loud for them as someone firing the bullets right by their ears.

Besides still photography this camera does a great job at shooting HD videos at a big resolution of 1920×1080. Not to forget that the format being used for these videos is H.264 allowing all users to capture videos for longer durations as compared to what other formats allow them to shoot. The best part of this camera is of course the Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to share your memories with your friends on the go. So, whether you want to upload your photos to your social networking profile or play an HD video on your big screen TV, this camera lets you do that all.

Another thing that makes this camera a great fit for autistic people is the big symbols made on every single button. These are clear symbols and easy enough to read for anyone making it easy for them to open the right menus without doing the unnecessary guess work. Users can do the focusing manually in addition to autofocus that comes with several other focusing modes. Taking ISO levels higher might distort the pictures a bit and this is the only downside of this camera but other than that it is a perfect asset for all those who want to take good quality pictures with several modes and a big zoom capacity.