Jim Humbles Spirit of Health Conference appearance shrouded in mystery

Jim Humble from YouTube

Jim Humble from YouTube

Originally scheduled for May the 22nd, Jim Humble, a self proclaimed curer of all ills, was arriving at Seaford Brighton for a two day conference.   Due to public complaints it was cancelled and instead, The Old Chapel Centre in Alfriston. Sussex, was booked. That too has now been cancelled due to public outcry and fierce opposition from locals. He is attempting to book for the Spirit of Health Conference, where he wishes to speak of his role as the self-appointed Archbishop of the self created  Genesis 11 Church, and how he came to be the creator of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Miracle Mineral Solution he claims can cure the common cold and minor ailments like earache, all the way up to the scale of Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis, Cancer and the neurological difference Autism.

He provides no proof of this apart from YouTube testimonials and most of these seem to be the same people but under different alias’s.

He worryingly targets the vulnerable and desperate, people ready to try anything. Concerned parents and hopeful patients flock to his websites and buy his books, full of optimism that they, and their loved ones will be blessed with the miracle described so promisingly on the label of the 4 oz bottle of MMS, that cost approximately twenty pence to make and is retailing online for a flatline of twenty pounds minimum.

MMS was created by Humble and promoted in his 2006 self published book The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.

It is made from 28% Sodium Chlorite mixed with Citric Acid, which creates the oxidising Chlorine Dioxide more commonly known as CD in Humble’s vocabulary, that is most commonly used to clean swimming pools and bleach wood pulp. It is advised as not to be ingested by the FDA.  They advise that when CD/MMS is used as directed, it can cause serious harm to your health, and exposure through oral dosage can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rashes and dehydration.

So how has Humble made a fortune estimated at five hundred million and claims to have  five million satisfied  customers ?

Well currently he is targeting parents and carers of autistic children, claiming that administration of MMS through enemas and orally using purified water, will cure their children of Autism. As it’s not a sickness or disease, but a genetic condition, this as much as his other claims are grossly false.

The oral solution he recommends flavouring with the banned sweetener Stevia. These solutions are causing vomiting, abdominal pain, sores, kidney problems and when used in enema form, internal bleeding. The cause he and his protégé Kerri Rivera claim of autism is parasitic rope worms living in the stomach. The resulting colon mucosa and strands of bowel and intestinal lining the children loose are, as  parents are reassured parasites. Upon lab testing these strands prove to be 100% human DNA.

Strange then that in Humble’s own case of spinal Cancer he was unable to cure it with MMS and had to have the tumour surgically removed , relying on the mainstream medicine that is legally safe that he so strongly advises against and  refutes. Here in the neurodiverse community we can only try desperately to educate and advocate against this man and the treatment he is recommending, inflicting on autistic children and adults.

Those of us in the UK need to approach MPs , the media and the police to get this practice made illegal, as it has been banned in Spain, Germany and Canada. The recent Primetime documentary, shows the example Ireland are setting against MMS and featured fellow autism advocate and aspergien Fiona O’Leary.

It should be noted that Humble claims he was brought here after hovering in the galaxy in a spaceship and choosing to come to planet Earth to save the human race. claiming to be over two thousand years old. Humble belonged to the Church of Scientology for over 25 years. Last fall he was stopped in New Zealand, fingerprinted and detained for several hours before being granted to stay for only a few days.

As going to print the Spirit of Health Conference is still on and scheduled for May 4th, at a venue in Brighton, East Sussex but it will not disclosed until one buys a ticket, which will have the address printed on it.

Spirit of Health

After calling and asking about venue I was asked to confirm I was not calling from an agency and was calling as myself. I was told that I cannot buy MMS as there’s no such thing. But I can listen to Jim Humble speak about it and seek help, as the Pharmaceutical company’s make a lot of money from autistic children and that is why they do not want us to access MMS.





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