April 25, 2015

Jim Humble from YouTube
Jim Humble from YouTube

Originally scheduled for May the 22nd, Jim Humble, a self proclaimed curer of all ills, was arriving at Seaford Brighton for a two day conference.   Due to public complaints it was cancelled and instead, The Old Chapel Centre in Alfriston. Sussex, was booked. That too has now been cancelled due to public outcry and fierce opposition from locals. He is attempting to book for the Spirit of Health Conference, where he wishes to speak of his role as the self-appointed Archbishop of the self created  Genesis 11 Church, and how he came to be the creator of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Miracle Mineral Solution he claims can cure the common cold and minor ailments like earache, all the way up to the scale of Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis, Cancer and the neurological difference Autism.

He provides no proof of this apart from YouTube testimonials and most of these seem to be the same people but under different alias’s.

He worryingly targets the vulnerable and desperate, people ready to try anything. Concerned parents and hopeful patients flock to his websites and buy his books, full of optimism that they, and their loved ones will be blessed with the miracle described so promisingly on the label of the 4 oz bottle of MMS, that cost approximately twenty pence to make and is retailing online for a flatline of twenty pounds minimum.

MMS was created by Humble and promoted in his 2006 self published book The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.

It is made from 28% Sodium Chlorite mixed with Citric Acid, which creates the oxidising Chlorine Dioxide more commonly known as CD in Humble’s vocabulary, that is most commonly used to clean swimming pools and bleach wood pulp. It is advised as not to be ingested by the FDA.  They advise that when CD/MMS is used as directed, it can cause serious harm to your health, and exposure through oral dosage can cause vomiting, diarrhea, rashes and dehydration.

So how has Humble made a fortune estimated at five hundred million and claims to have  five million satisfied  customers ?

Well currently he is targeting parents and carers of autistic children, claiming that administration of MMS through enemas and orally using purified water, will cure their children of Autism. As it’s not a sickness or disease, but a genetic condition, this as much as his other claims are grossly false.

The oral solution he recommends flavouring with the banned sweetener Stevia. These solutions are causing vomiting, abdominal pain, sores, kidney problems and when used in enema form, internal bleeding. The cause he and his protégé Kerri Rivera claim of autism is parasitic rope worms living in the stomach. The resulting colon mucosa and strands of bowel and intestinal lining the children loose are, as  parents are reassured parasites. Upon lab testing these strands prove to be 100% human DNA.

Strange then that in Humble’s own case of spinal Cancer he was unable to cure it with MMS and had to have the tumour surgically removed , relying on the mainstream medicine that is legally safe that he so strongly advises against and  refutes. Here in the neurodiverse community we can only try desperately to educate and advocate against this man and the treatment he is recommending, inflicting on autistic children and adults.

Those of us in the UK need to approach MPs , the media and the police to get this practice made illegal, as it has been banned in Spain, Germany and Canada. The recent Primetime documentary, shows the example Ireland are setting against MMS and featured fellow autism advocate and aspergien Fiona O’Leary.

It should be noted that Humble claims he was brought here after hovering in the galaxy in a spaceship and choosing to come to planet Earth to save the human race. claiming to be over two thousand years old. Humble belonged to the Church of Scientology for over 25 years. Last fall he was stopped in New Zealand, fingerprinted and detained for several hours before being granted to stay for only a few days.

As going to print the Spirit of Health Conference is still on and scheduled for May 4th, at a venue in Brighton, East Sussex but it will not disclosed until one buys a ticket, which will have the address printed on it.

Spirit of Health

After calling and asking about venue I was asked to confirm I was not calling from an agency and was calling as myself. I was told that I cannot buy MMS as there’s no such thing. But I can listen to Jim Humble speak about it and seek help, as the Pharmaceutical company’s make a lot of money from autistic children and that is why they do not want us to access MMS.




About the author 

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome along with Synthanesia. She has six children on varying degrees of the most spectrum so easily. When she is not writing exposes as an autistic advocate, her days are spent doing sensory play, reading, outings, and taking them to therapies e.g. play therapy, music therapy, speech, and language.

  • Nice attempt at a hatchet job on Jim Humble and MMS.

    It’s interesting that nowhere in the article or the video is there any evidence whatsoever that anyone has been harmed by MMS. There were lots of claims from government agencies but you could not find ONE person who’s been harmed by MMS, or chlorine dioxide.

    With regard to autism, if it’s genetic, how come it’s gone from one in ten thousand to one in a hundred in the last 50 years.

    As for it being bleach (would you drink bleach?) – well would you consume acid? No ? – well you’d better avoid vitamin C then.

    Anyone interested in learning more could start by watching this video about MMS curing malaria, in a trial conducted by an affiliate of the Red Cross, who later denied that the trial had ever taken place.


    Critical thinkers should ask who’s lying. And who stands to lose money from a cheap and effective cure from common ailments?

    • No hatchet job here, just a wonderfully truthful article. Those who promote and inflict MMS on vulnerable people are criminally cruel.

  • Furthermore, if MMS and chlorine dioxide are so dangerous, why has sodium chlorite been approved for orphan status treatment for ALS?

    “On 19 June 2013, orphan designation (EU/3/13/1139) was granted by the European Commission to
    Shore Limited, United Kingdom, for sodium chlorite (also known as NP001) for the treatment of
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.”


    As I said – when it comes to the safety of MMS, someone is lying

  • Spo glad you asked all this.

    Let’s look at your medical question regarding drug treatment.
    Firstly, take from your study this statement, directly from the website you quoted
    “Designated orphan medicinal products are products that are still under investigation and are considered for orphan designation on the basis of potential activity. An orphan designation is not a marketing authorisation. As a consequence, demonstration of quality, safety and efficacy is necessary before a product can be granted a marketing authorisation.” This means you cannot sell or use it unless under strict guidelines. It also is experimental and long term effects are unknown, as is whether or not it actually works. Also note this medicine is being given, prescribed and administered by DOCTORS under dosage instructions. Noone is drinking it or using it as an enema in the studies they are conducting.

    I’d also like to point out how this is expected to work to help ALS. When used in the manner proposed it attacks white blood cells which are over produced by the body. Anything that directly targets the immune system response needs to be regulated and tested in depth to ensure it works. While the study is still active there have been set backs and nothing has been published about this so far this year. In fact a brief google search will show nothing since september of last year. It certainly isn’t a miracle cure even though it has shown to be helpful to ONE disease.

    Let me use an analogy to show you the relevance of that study in relation to opposition to the genesis 2 church: Stanley’s dog is sick. Marge’s dog is sick too. Stanley is given medicine by the vet to help his dog spot. Spot gets better. Marge doesn’t take her dog to the vet but she hear’s from Stanley the recovery Spot makes so gets the medicine, even though it isn’t legal to do so. Marge has Max drinking the medicine, using it incorrectly and using more than is necessary without speaking to a vet or any medical practitioner. Marge claims the medicine is a miracle when the dog could have shown signs of improvement and got better without it. The moral, simply because one medical study showed a possible use (which is so far unlicensed for broader use, not for sale and yet to complete a phase 3 trial) does not make it a miracle drug for cure for everything when mixed to 3,000ppm, drunk and shoved up your bum.

    Now I will discuss the first part of your message.
    You claim noone has been harmed by MMS, I disagree. In fact there has been a death in Mexico reported from the use of MMS and Australia banned it after hospital admissions from it. In adiition I’d like to point you towards this list of issues we all have with CD:
    we believe in evidence based medicine with controlled studies to ensure no long term ill effects. Here’s our issues:
    1. There have been no studies into CD use in this manner. Everything medical from daily enemas to ingestion of chlorine based products at that concentration are no only not advised but actively advised against.
    2. Not one person involved in the establishment of the protocol are a member of the certified and regulated medical profession. Putting a disclosure notice on the front of a book and on a forum which actively encouraged people to hide the protocol from their family doctors does not inspire me to believe doctors are in anyway supportive of this.
    3. The “worms” passed by children are often bloody and accompanied by mucous. The “discoverers” of these worms were not medical men and no board certified medical doctor has confirmed these parasites in the dead or the living despite exploratory surgerys, colonoscopies, full bowel resections, bowel removals and complete autopsies. In facts the worms you uncover look an awful lot like bowls lining, known to be broken up prolonged enema use.
    4. Commonality is not causation. As an autistic practitioner in special education, inside and out of school for 6 years I have seen a lot of change in children. I know as they age many autistic children and adults adapt to the world and improve their behaviours and their ATEC scores (which are very easy to fall into bias when completing yourself anyway). This can be because that child has coping mechanisms, is less susceptible to being over stimulated/hasbleanred to cope with sensory stimulation and have learned social rules and behaviours expected of them. Some children are also mis-diagnosed with autism as opposed to developmental delay which a child can catch up. The kind of stories shared by Kerri etc are not uncommon without CD if speech therapy, support for learning and support for wellbeing are all in place. Autistic children can express beautiful emotions, question the world and enjoy life. Stating that autism is soul sucking or that it is the most hated thing comes off as ablist and hateful to autistic people. 5. Children cannot consent to treatments, especially nonverbal children. The children and vulnerable adults using CD to “recover” are not expressing consent. When they complain the reaction is to “double dose”. If a child doesn’t want an enema, it hurts the, they get a negative reaction, a distended stomach, skin rashes, fevers, seizures, nails falling off, chemical burns, are unable to pass stool without an enema, produce pink urine, have pain in their genitals, have dangerously low salts in their blood, are very dehydrated, and many many more symptoms. The children experience suffering and the advice, again not from medical doctors, is to ” double dose” and “dose on”. If unnecessary harm is caused to a child or vulnerable adult intentionally that is abuse.
    6. All medical research on autism points to genetic factors and factors during conception and gestation. There are some other factors considered but absolutely none are to do with parasites. This is all unnecessary. Putting children through unnecessary procedures repeatedly is munchausen by proxy. This is not my opinion, this is the opinion of social services and child protective services.
    7. The claims made by Jim Humble have never been substantiated. The claims of ” curing HIV but not being able to prove it because no test can show that” is absolutely untrue. A baby that was thought to have contracted HIV during child birth was given meds from day one. 3 years later there was no trace to HIV. Humble is wrong. If you are cured, you are cured, very simple. The red cross also never used CD to cure anything. Any CD used by them would have been to clean municipal water supplies and sterilise instruments, as intended for use.
    8. The idea that we would oppose chemotherapy actually touches on a case that is important. We love proven medicine. If a child needs chemo, great. A man on a CDMMS forum through the genesis church doesn’t believe in chemo or surgery to save his baby from a neuroblastoma. The only way to save a child is using chemo, radiation and surgery. Some with neuroblastoma lose an eye due to it but they can recover. I know of two such children, happy and healthy. This father decided no normal treatment just MMS and the community supported him even when CPS wanted to take his child and he had to move across the border. That baby will die without treatment.
    9. The case is made constantly that CD is natural and harmless, it isn’t. It is manmade (nothing like sodium chloride, table salt) and has a number of warnings. It is highly oxidising so it burns the skin (something admitted by many on the CD forums “wash it off after 5 minutes or it will burn”) and is considers to be highly toxic.

    Finally, I’d like to quote something to you from an old history teacher of mine “before you study the history study the historian”. Anything purported by the organisation Genesis II church and its affiliates is going to be desperate to garner positive press. Find me ONE source with no ties to any Genesis II affiliate or MMS/CD group and I’ll consider it worthy of discussion.

    • So there was ‘a death in Mexico’ from MMS.

      There appears to be a huge mistake and it needs to be investigated by the police. Prescription drugs kill 300 percent more people than illegal drugs in USA. Since this is happening i’m assuming someone forgot to report this which results in drug companies raking in billions.

      Keep in mind, the only difference between legal and illegal drugs is who makes the money.

      A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death.


      On top of this in USA alone more people are killed, yes KILLED by hospital mistakes each year than died in the Vietnam war.

  • The link tells us that it has orphan designation which means that a sponsor has suggested something, for something. And the EMA has agreed that it is a thing and the thing it seeks to treat is a thing. So using the word “approved” is is very misleading Galahad. The EMA link says very clearly it is NOT approved anywhere for anything in the EU. Read it to the end.

    As for “where is the evidence that it is harmful” er….I’m quite happy to accept that ingesting bleach is bad for you but if you want to drink it (or use it as a suppository/enema) to prove me wrong go ahead.

    But the bleachers have provided the evidence which damns them. They publish pictures of dislodged intestinal lining and blood, calling them “ropeworms” which belong in the same zoological category as unicorns, the Tooth Fairy and Bigfoot. They have been tested as having human DNA for obvious reasons (they are parts of the children being abused by the bleachers.) And these samples are paraded like they are trophies!

    Autism prevalence has not increased in the last 50 years. It was newly-discovered then. That is a bit like saying it didn’t exist at all until 1943. Now we have a much better idea of what to look for. This is scientific methodology 101.

    “Hatchet job on Jim Humble”?? This is the guy from another planet; the Commander of The Space Navy!! Do you actually trust him?

    I see the old fruit-loop Humble, the sociopath Rivera and that other guy all dressed in white and I can’t help but think of another gang of thugs who dressed in white causing horror and misery and the bleachers fit in well with the KKK.

    These are your friends Galahad?

    Well, as the proverb says “…and by your friends shall ye be known.”

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