SafetyLINK – harnessing the power of the community and emergency resources

safetylinkThe latest technology has helped us by bringing to our disposal some great devices that can help us in distress and emergency situations without much hassle. Dialing 911 or other emergency numbers is only possible when you have access to a phone but devices like Safety Link make it possible for you to press just one button to get help in case of an emergency.

This device is easy to operate and conveniently portable due to its small size and negligible weight. It can be worn on the jeans or belt and can be attached to a handbag or school bag.  It can also can be worn as a pendant.

Safety Link works on wireless signals and keeps you informed of not only accidents but of smaller incidents as well. For example, the device will inform you through a particular beep when you have forgotten your mobile phone at home. Similarly, you can look for your misplaced mobile phone with the help of this device. However, the most important use of this device is for people who need special attention and care.  The mission of the people at SafetyLINK is

“The goal of SafetyLINK is to provide personal security to families, children and women worldwide.”

safetylink2The good thing is that Safety Link can stay with the person at home for as long as you want. Whenever they need help they can press the big button on the device and the entire Safety Link community will be informed that someone needs immediate attention. This device works great for those on the autism spectrum.. If someone with autism does have an anxiety attack, all they need to do is press the button on the device to inform the care takers and the Safety Link community.

The Safety Link device can also be used with monitoring services. The paid monitoring services can inform the concerned departments about the emergency when they receive your SOS. The simple task of pressing the button on the device is still required in order to inform the community members, loved ones, paid monitoring services etc. A smartphone must be on when the button is pressed since the SOS is sent through this device.

The idea of the product is to harness the power of the community to help one another through individuals, social media and crowd sourcing. Anyone who wishes to help people can become a part of the Safety Link.

SafetyLINK is currently raising funds and plans on shipping this spring. For a limited time you can pre-order a device for $35 which is 40% off the regular price.

For more information visit their website here.