Kristin Cavallari decides against vaccination due to fear of autism

CC BY by nick step

Kristin Cavallari, star of The Hills and wife of Chicago Bears football player Joe Cutler has openly declared she will not be vaccinating her children due to fear of autism.

In an interview with Lisa Kennedy of Fox Business News on March 13, Ms Cavallari, who is pregnant with her second child, told the audience that it was her personal choice not to vaccinate her son. It will not be an option for the newborn either.

She said:

“You know, it’s not something that I wanted to publicly come out and say… I was in an interview when it came up and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Listen, to each their own. I understand both sides of it. I’ve ready too many books about autism and there’s some scary statistics out there. It’s our personal choice, and, you know, if you’re really concerned about your kid get them vaccinated.”

Autism Daily Newscast have reported on other mothers including outspoken actress Jenny McCarthy, who publicly defend not vaccinating their children. There is no scientific evidence to prove that vaccines cause autism.