Protect your child with autism a lot with Travel Tot

traveltotChildren love to wander around and they don’t like it when you try to stop them from doing whatever they’re doing. Those on the autism spectrum are far more likely to bolt or wander. It has been suggested that half of all those on the spectrum have wandered at one time or another. The challenge is to provide a safe environment so they can wander around and play as much as they want while you rest assured.

Vacationing or travelling has its own unique difficulties for many families with children who have autism. Travel Tot provides you the kit that lets you protect your children not only at home but wherever you are. Whether you are in a hotel or renting a cottage for a few days, Travel Tot may be a helpful solution.

The best thing about Travel Tot is that it’s not just one item to protect the doors or one thing in particular. These components of the kit prove to be most helpful for children on the autism spectrum who are prone to wandering. It’s a kit that includes all the items that will childproof everything that could become a reason for accident in the room. The kit includes portable door knobs for different types of doors, including the sliding doors, so your child won’t open the door and go out wandering.

Another great item included in the kit is the covers for the electric plug. Electric plugs can be very dangerous not only for children but even for adults. The kit also includes finger pinch guards and foam corner guards so the children who have just learned to walk on their feet don’t have the danger of hitting their head on pointy corners of the furniture. Cabinet lock, cord wind-up, bandages and door hanging sign are some other additional items that are included in the kit. In short, there are items to secure each and every corner of the room.

The clear advantages of  this kit are its price and portability. All the items on the kit can be easily applied and removed when their work is done. In this manner you can use them wherever you go with your children. All these items in a kit are cheaper than many other products that are merely doors protections and locks.

The price for the Travel-Tot’s Travel Childproofing Kit is quite reasonable $34.95.  If you have an child with autism who can go wandering at any time, an inexpensive investment in this product may provide additional security.

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