Safety Without Care With The Traxxit360

traxxittThere’s a lot that people do to secure their houses, belongings, loved ones and properties. People end up spending thousands of dollars only to secure their homes and loved ones but these expensive methods don’t prove to be the best ones at the end. Traxxit360 is all about making security a hassle-free task. At a list price of around $150,it is one of the most affordable security solutions you can get today. Not to mention, it makes security extremely easy by bringing things at the tip of your fingers. With just a tap you are able to know where your loved ones are or your pet just went.

An annoying concern about today’s tracking devices is that they are bulky, which makes them impractical when it comes to portability. Traxxit360 has been designed to be easy to carry. This device is small enough to be hung around your neck as a necklace without being overly noticeable. It an be easily attached elsewhere if your child has sensory issues. The designers have also made sure that even if someone is able to locate the device that person will only be impressed from the way it looks. Traxxit360 operates wireless so you don’t have to worry about any wires and it works just fine even when it is in the trunk of your car.

When you buy the device you have to get it registered with the company and then an account is created for you online. On this account you are able to see where your loved ones are whenever you want. You just press the button and you will be notified about the exact location of the person on your account or simply through a text message on your smartphone. The best option on the device is that you can create boundaries and zones on the devices. Whenever the device you have applied the boundaries on goes out of your specified boundaries, you are notified.

The notification comes to you on your mobile phone so you don’t have to go on your computer again and again to access the account. This little device is probably one of the easiest tracking devices you can find today. Go for it without a second thought if you have an elderly person at home or a child who needs special attention. This is a perfect tracking device for parents with an child on the spectrum who is prone to go wandering or bolting. The notifications come to you within seconds so you can take an immediate action when needed.traxxitt2

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