October 25, 2016

 Canon_PowerShot_A3300If you look at the price of a camera and its features, you have to agree that Canon PowerShot A3300 IS is one of the best options out there offering a wide range of options in a very affordable price. This is a 16-megapixel camera so you can see it is one of the best in that regard and uses the CCD sensor mechanism. The good thing about this camera is that even in this price it offers optical zoom up to 4x and digital zoom up to 5x. The optical image stabilizer is another great addition in other great features.

It also records movies at 720p and a wide range of mode options while taking pictures make it a great choice for newbies and old camera users. A great thing in this particular series from Canon has always been the dial on top that allows very convenient navigation through the options in the menu. This proves to be a great feature for people with autism as well so they don’t have to remember a lot of things in order to move through the menu and just rotating a dial does the job for them and other users too.


It is a great camera for taking self-shot with timers because this is one of the very few cameras that allow you to set a custom timer. When taking shots in low light conditions you can always change the ISO settings, however, unlike other cameras within this price range, Canon PowerShot A3300 IS shows noise problems when you go beyond ISO400. The LCD is a 3-inch LCD allowing you to have a clear look at all the images before you capture them. The optical viewfinder is however missing in this camera.

A little problem for the regular users will be the flat buttons on this camera that can be annoying at times since they are just too flat to give the feeling of a button. The shooting time is longer and so you will be spending more time from one shot to the second and so on. Even though the buttons are pretty flat but the big writings and symbols on them allow you to see them clearly without any guesswork, and this is definitely a great option for autistic people as well. The sensor size and other major features are pretty similar to other point and shoot cameras in the market. Image quality is great but shot-to-shot timing is a small drawback.

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