Update – Seller of MMS that claims to ‘purge’ autism exposed

MSS2We are keeping up to date with the latest news surrounding Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). On June 23 we reported  that trading standards are now closely monitoring MMS sales within the UK. The product which is being sold as an enema; contains household bleach and is claimed to ‘cure’ autism, by its sellers, Genesis 11 Church.

Trading standards and the police inspected Amanda and Doug Jewell’s mansion in Farnham, Surrey earlier this month where a Genesis 11 Church meeting was taking place. They wanted to find out if MMS solution was being sold on the premises.

The Mail Online reported that Mark Grenon, the ‘self-styled ‘Archbishop‘ of the Church of Genesis II’ posted a 4,000-word ‘rant’ on Facebook, in which he stated that MMS was not harmful and that ‘the state had no right to interfere in his church’s teachings.’

They further report that a spokesman for Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards said:

‘While there was no evidence that MMS had been supplied at the recent meeting in Farnham, we have serious concerns that vulnerable people are being misled in order to profit from their misfortune.’

An undercover BBC investigation filmed Mr Edwards selling MMS, that consists of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to an undercover reporter, who was told that the solution could ‘purge’ autism.

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne

Our very own guest contributor, Emma Dalmayne, is an active campaigner against MMS, and she recently wrote this following article for us. Breaking news: England attack religious freedom Proclaims the latest Genesis two newsletter!

Emma told GetWestLondon that the products are sold for between £29.99 and £49.99. Individuals can also access conferences at a cost of £285, in which they are told how to make the solution. She further adds that a closed Facebook group called CD Autism (chlorine dioxide) cosmists of parents discussing how they can make the solution and boasts the tagline:

Solving the Puzzle One…Drop…at a Time, while the cover photo states ‘185 children now recovered from autism…and counting’.

Emma told:

“They [parents on the Facebook group] are administering it in enema form [administering a liquid through the rectum], straight up into the colon.
“It can cause seizures, rashes, vomiting, nose bleeds, diarrhoea and kidney problems. People [on the Facebook group] are saying ‘my child can’t walk’, ‘they are holding their stomach’.”

We will keep you up to date with further developments.

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