UPDATE – Kelli Stapleton sentenced to 10 – 22 years for failed murder attempt of autistic daughter

kelli stapletonBenzie County, Michigan – We have kept up to date with the trial of Kelli Stapleton, who attempted to kill both herself and her autistic daughter Issy with carbon monoxide poisoning, and today we learned that the mother from Michigan has been sentence to a minimum of 10 years in prison with the maximum sentence of 22 years.

Sara Swanson, Prosecutor  issued this statement:

“My office strives to protect our most vulnerable victims,” she said. “In this case, Isabelle’s autism did not mean she deserved less protection. Her life has value, and she deserves justice for the attempt on her life. The right outcome was achieved in this case. The defendant was sentenced as recommended by our state’s sentencing guidelines, and justice was obtained for Isabelle.”

The incident took place on September 3, 2013. In a locked van, Stapleton lit a charcoal grill, this was done to end both their lives, however they were discovered by a sheriff’s deputy who rescued them both.

The original article by John Tunison on the MLive website can be read here

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