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October 14, 2014

image captured from YouTube video
image captured from YouTube video

Gigi Jordan – Last week we reported on the story of Gigi Jordan, the mother accused of killing her 8 year old autistic son. She admitted in court to administering a lethal cocktail of drugs that ended his life.She had also taken the drugs herself as part of a suicide pact.

Her son, Jude Mirra, who was unable to communicate verbally, did so via typing and she told the jury that on January 26, 2010 he typed on her smartphone, his wish to die in a suicide pact.

In the International Business Times article, they state that Jordan quoted in court her son’s message. This was as follows:

“So let’s just get out while we can. We r going to die anyway let’s do it ourselves instead of them.

She then stated that he wrote:

“We need to leave in a way we want to, not their way. Get the pills and try to do it.”

Manhattan prosecutors stated that Jordan used a syringe to administer the lethal drug cocktail forcefully down her son’s throat.

The case continues.

The video below, shows mother and son in happier times, playing a computer game.

The original article by Vittorio Hernandez on the International Business Times website can be read here


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