UPDATE: Cleveland Teens Charged with Assault Ice Bucket Challenge Attack on Teen with Autism

Doing_the_ALS_Ice_Bucket_Challenge_(14927191426)CLEVELAND — Five teens were charged in Ohio for their involvement in what has been reported as a “prank” pulled on a young boy with autism Aug. 18. The teens, aged between 14-16, allegedly dumped a bucket of tobacco spit and urine on the young boy– who was led to believe that he was taking part in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for charity. We last reported on this story Sep. 9, which can be read here.

The incident was recorded on video, where the 15-year-old young boy with autism was seen doused with a bucket of human waste while standing in the driveway of one of the suspects’ home.

Celebrities who hailed from Cleveland like Drew Carey and Jenny McCarthy strongly condemned the teens’ cruel actions and offered a reward for anyone who could help bring the perpetrators to justice.

After a thorough investigation was conducted by the Bay Village Police Department, Cuyahoga Prosecutor Timothy McGinty recommended that charges be filed against the teens. All five of the suspects face juvenile charges of disorderly conduct, while three of them face additional charges of delinquency and assault.

The suspects, who are classmates of the victim at Bay High School and whom he considered friends, are expected to appear before a Bay Village police station along with their parents, to undergo booking procedures.

(Edited 18/10/14)