November 12, 2018

For those of you that do not know there’s a very real threat to our autistic children in the world today.

Naive parents and carers are being told that parasitic worms are the cause of autism in their children. They are being told that if they remove these worms with CD (Chlorine Dioxide) treatments the autism will leave their children and their children will be happy, healthy, and above all neurotypical. In their droves these disillusioned parents are flocking to buy Chlorine Dioxide also peddled as Miracle Mineral Solution, seeking their neurotypical ideal. They do not realize that they and more importantly their children, mere babies in some cases are falling victims to quackery and are cogs in a money making machine.

This treatment is being touted and falsely glorified to “cure” cancer, Ebola, dementia and Alzheimer to name but a few. They need to know the truth and the damage they are inflicting on their children.
 CD is a powerful water purification agent, put bluntly, it’s bleach. The CD protocol dictates that it be administered a certain amount of drops per dose in enemas and orally in water. Start low, build up. The result of this is children are losing long strands of bowel lining and intestinal lining through their bowel movements or independent seeping. The strands are proudly displayed in some cases in photographs in CD Facebook groups, parents proclaiming that they have killed another “worm” and congratulating each other. Occasionally they mention that their child seems to be particularly miserable, in pain or crying or has a high temperature. That’s the autism leaving them they are told, up the dose.

These children are subjected to minimum two treatments a day, wrapped in towels while the very people they are meant to be protected by force bleach inside them to rid them of a neurological difference that will never leave them. The heartbreak, pain and complete devastation these children feel must be recognised.

Today I had the opportunity of speaking to a mother who had been using CD on her eleven year old non verbal daughter. She confided to me that her daughter was in pain and she believed the child’s monthly cycle was the cause of her discomfort. I inquired as to whether she was using any treatment for her? She replied that no she wasn’t, apart from CD. The manner of openness in which she told me showed me she did not know the very real damage she was doing, and I begged her to stop. She was horrified when I sent her links showing the damage of CD use and repeatedly told me she hadn’t known, that she was sorry. That she would stop immediately. I pray she has.

The problem is to this child there’s damage already done. The pain, confusion and bewilderment will never leave her. I look at my children, all on six on spectrum and I don’t know how anyone could bleach someone so pure. They are gifts, little people with dreams, passions, opinions, likes and dislikes. They deserve respect, compassion and encouragement, loyalty and love. They need nothing more. In the hope just one parent reading this article will think of the enema hose in the bag with the CD nestled beside it and think no more, I write it with hope.

Protect your child parent, don’t attempt to change what’s perfect.


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About the author 

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome along with Synthanesia. She has six children on varying degrees of the most spectrum so easily. When she is not writing exposes as an autistic advocate, her days are spent doing sensory play, reading, outings, and taking them to therapies e.g. play therapy, music therapy, speech, and language.

  • The author of the article is about as much in the dark about CD Chlorine dioxide as Jim Humble himself, there is zero chlorine in Chlorine dioxide so drop the chlorine logo.

    CD (CLO2) is used in the treatment of water as a disinfectant and or oxidizer.
    Clo2 was used in the USA anthrax attacks to decontaminate a building where the anthrax was detected, it kills all virus and bacteria as well as fungus algae etc however I would not recommend drinking it as Jim Humble proposes as your stomach is host to many bacteria needed in the digestive process and CLO2 wont discriminate between harmful or beneficial bacteria, this could cause one considerable problems
    If you insist do it under supervision and never exceed 0.8 ppm in small doses eg one glass of water a week.

    • “… there is zero chlorine in chlorine dioxide …”

      I’m not sure if you’re trolling, or just stupid. Chlorine dioxide is a molecule consisting of one atom of chlorine bonded to two atoms of oxygen. That’s where the “chlorine” in the name comes from. Did you sleep through high school chemistry?

    • Im not sure I understand. “There is zero chlorine in CHLORINE dioxide.” Did I understand that correctly? I really want to make some snarky comments here but I will refrain. That statement speaks for itself.

    • Aim….obviously not your real name, your always around the cd bleach threads, if cd is that fantastic and safe, why are you hiding behind ” AIM “, use your real name, I have a fair idea who you are anyway. Stop hiding, the fact you have been using this fake identity speaks volumes.

    • Hi AIM. Been a while since we chatted.
      Let’s cut to the chase…
      Don’t bother posting links/ claims about published studies or articles showing the safe use of CD as if they prove something for you. We both know they don’t. Yes, the Lubbers one where minor deleterious effects were recorded at 24ppm (unlike the 1000-3000ppm doses you guys love so much). And yes those other ones where CD is used to clean water coolers, industrial piping, surfaces, medical equipment and drinking water… using concentrations of 1-5ppm (unlike the 1000-3000ppm doses you guys love so much). Oh, and don’t bother with the ones about washing fresh veg either, at 1-25ppm (unlike the 1000-3000ppm doses you guys love so much).

      You know we have the science. We have the scientists. We have the studies. We have the evidence. And all you have is an unqualified old guy who used to be a gold prospector, and a fake doctor (Kalcker) with his fake doctorate.

      Actually, scratch that… please p[ost all your rubbish ‘evidence’ so we can break it down step by step for the public to see. Yet again. Bring it on hunny.

    • AIM, for your information, You don’t ‘recover’ from Autism because you don’t ‘contract’ autism. It is not a disease. Anyone who claims to have recovered from autism was very unlikely to have ever been autistic in the first place. . That video was made by the producers of this poison. They will do everything in their power to bait potential customers and uninformed parents in order to get them to part with their hard earned cash to fleece their greedy pockets.

    • Where is the documentation that shows these “hundreds” recovered or were even sick with something to begin with. I throw numbers out all day that says I’m the ruler of the universe but at the end of the day, it is just as unfounded as your statement. Autism is not a broken arm, it’s not cancer, You don’t “recover” from Autism. My son didn’t pick it up from the kids at the playground. He was born Autistic! If anything, In my families case it is hereditary, it runs in the family. If CD/MMS was such a miracle cure, where is the documentation from long term case studies?

  • You don’t back your “opinion” up with any scientific facts or studies. Sounds to me from your writing that you know very little about the affects of Chlorine Dioxide, or even what it is. Governments around the world use this for so many reasons. Also, the last I checked, this is not expensive stuff. So how people would be able to make any considerable profit is beyond me. It’s also been around a hundred years. A little more research would be nice the next time your going to write on something that has been well studied already. Do you have google? It’s a great tool for looking information up, you should try it next time.

    • You are claiming its safe to use and treats autism, cancer, ebola, etc?
      Where is your evidence? You made the claim its safe now back it up. I want peer reviewed scientific research backing up safety and efficacy.
      People are making boat loads of money of this bull. How much do you think Kerri Rivera makes for a “consultation” hmmm?
      Id also like some proof of these many countries that claim MMS is safe. I know the US, Australia, and Canada are not amongst them.

      • Kerri charges 60 usd for a Skype consultation for one hour and 30usd for 15mins to half hour,big money to sit telling a parent bare faced lies

    • Maybe you should try Google yourself ” Beth” now that would be even better, get the scientific studies that bleach cures autism, oh there is none, actually just Google Autism and educate yourself as you lot obviously haven’t a clue what Autism is…

    • Hi Beth.
      We don’t need google to do resdearch. We have a heap of scientific studies. And a large and growing group of doctors (real ones, not fakes like Kalcker), nurses, psychiatrists, chemists and importsantly bio-chemists. These are people who know what they are talking about.

      As regards those “governments around the world”… leaving aside your evident lack of understanding of how countries actually work, those “so many reasons” do not EVER include the ingestion of CD, its inhalation and absolutely not its use in enemas.

      There is a reason for that: It is a registered toxin. It kills cells very very effectively. While it kills prokaryotic cells a bit faster than eukaryotic cells (which is what we’re made of), this incidental as cell death occurs in seconds. It also strips key nutrients out of your system. Like iron and sodium.

  • Emma,
    Dear Lord !

    You have OBVIOUSLY flunked chemistry 101… Chlorine Dioxide (CD) is NOT bleach !! lol

    163 kids recovered now as of today….and ALL of them have been using CD.. yet.. nutjobs like you still persist that CD is Bleach ?!! Please… give it up already.


    • You seem rather upset. Look at the links and research. Take your bottle of CD to a hospital and ask them if its safe for human consumption.That’s all I ask you to do. Consider if your child has a choice in what’s being inflicted on them.

      • The FDA has informed consumers that MMS can cause serious harm to health, and stated that it has received numerous reports of nausea, severe vomiting, and life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration. It is NOT safe to use, it is well known that CD is toxic, no children have “recovered” from this type of abuse.

      • Thanks Emma for such an insightful article. It is an eye opener and I believe it will go a long way to educate parents all over the world and will prevent parents and professionals from damaging their child’s health by pumping into them this toxic substance

    • Bart dearie…
      When you have worked out that ‘bleach’ does not = Clorox, come back to us and we can talk.
      Seriously. Just because your cult leader says something is so that doesn’t mean it is so.
      Wew want to help you hunny. We CAN help. But first you need to open your mind to the idea that scientists actually do know more about science than non-scientists.

    • Bart, “bleach” is a term used to describe a category of various chemicals based on their effects, not a single specific chemical. chlorine dioxide is in fact an industrial bleach…
      as for the 163 kids recovered by it, where’s the evidence? it’s a completely meaningless claim. as much as they like to say “Snake oil does not play a critical role in the recovery of 85 children (as of February, 2013) with Autism. Our children are getting better, and no amount of rhetoric can take that away.” on their site, the fact is that is exactly the approach that snake oil salemen use to peddle their products.
      real medicine and treatments carry out clinical trials with strict controls (placebo control group, double blinding, regression analysis, etc.) in place to demonstrate their efficacy and submit to the pressure of peer review within the scientific community – the fact that these con artists don’t is rather telling.

    • Dear Bart and AIM,
      I am an Autistic adult. I notice none of your ‘miracle’ cures are administered to us. Probably because you would end up consuming your own concoction and suffering the consequences yourselves. So you keep abusing children as it is obviously the only way that you can feel enabled enough to pursue your perversions.You prey on the desperate parents and torture Innocent kids. Your Mothers must be very proud of you. Fancy popping over and trying to feed me a noxious substance? No? Thought not, you prefer hurting children, not engaging with anyone who can speak for themselves. ps it is quite amazing how no-one has actually proved these children ‘cured’ (or actually seen them either) only the proclamations of cult leaders. The Jim Jones method may work for you, but we Autistics do not wish to drink your Kool Aid.

  • The problem is people INSIST on demonising Autism as someone that needs to be cured. You people attacking this article have not cited one single, credible scientific study documenting the efficacy and saftey of Chlorine Dioxide as a therapy for treating Autism. If this was the case, you’d all be getting research grants and Nobel Prizes for your work in medicine. But this isn’t the case, you are perpetuating harmful pseudo-scientific nonsense to those who are most vulnerable. What you are doing and what you are promoting is outright abuse. You claim to know the chemistry and the science, yet I fail to see the evidence, videos and anecdotes are not scientific evidence!

    • They never do, from the start no one has been able to give any scientific evidence or studies, they use the excuse it costs money bla bla, if you found a cure would you not be shouting from the rooftops, on radio, TV, looking for a patent, quite the opposite, parents are instructed NOT to tell caregivers, teachers, health professionals that children are on this protocol, sure kerri rivera is a bloody bishop in a cult church, is that not enough for people, you need a licence to have a dog but anyone can have a child

  • it is really unbelievable what people will do to make a couple dollars giving poison to people and having them drink or ingested in other ways into their body is just not a very good thing to do .!!
    it is attempted murder I would say. Please don’t kill your children the world needs them….
    As far as cure. I don’t know what else to say except it’s wrong. For example
    Autism/Aspergers . Is a part of you it is your brain take it away
    You r gone you become a different person (not you).
    You cease to exist.

  • Thanks for the article Emma Dalmayne. Perhaps these Charlatans are hooked on their poison, or making so much money that they do not care for the damage they are inflicting on innocent children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum. Either way they will come to pay in the end. The cogs are moving around them as we speak.

  • This poisonous bleach is the reason our dear friend Daniel Smith is looking at up to 37 years jail when he goes to trial on March 3, 2015 – this year. There are government warnings from all around the world, arrest been made, children sent to hospital, but still these crazies want to argue definitions of bleach and pretend that it cures disease. get the facts !

  • Wow, well done Emma, a very insightful, educational and direct article, you should be so proud, congratulations

  • Well well well. Trust the pro cd’ers to blast this article. Well done to you for attacking an intelligent article. You people should be ashamed. “Treating” your children in secrecy, pretending that its “recovering” your children. Its not. Autism is not a disease. Accept and love your children instead of abusing your role as their guardians and poisoning them. Where is your science? Where are all of these so called recovered children? Where is the hard proof that backs up your ridiculous claims? Thats right, there is none there for you to give. My son is autistic, he was born that way and i wouldnt change him one bit, i love him just the way he is. Chlorine dioxide is bleach, plain and simple. How many of you people use it? Not as many as shove it down the throats of their children i dont doubt. The whole cd practice disgusts me, and the day they lock up kerri rivera and jim humble in the general population of the toughest jail out there, i shall do cartwheels. They cant shut down this protocol quick enough for many of us.

  • Hi Emma,

    This is a very nice and very understandable discussion of the real danger this abusive treatment presents for the health of our fellow autistics.
    x x x

  • I have attached a website from the FDA government website stating do not use MMS which is chlorine bleach per the FDA website to help further inform people of the dangers of MMS.

  • It is rather sad the amount of people willing to put their children through tons of anguish for the hope of curing something that is in fact incurable. Love your child enough to accept them for who they are. Don’t put chemicals in them hoping to create a “normal” child. Which in case you weren’t aware, there’s no such thing.

  • Are u all for real? U ppl want jail terms giving cd to your children it’s child abuse u should not want 2 “cure” ur child’s autism in any way shape or firm as parents we should love and protect our children no matter Wat seems 2 me parents using cd are being seriously mislead or that hooked on changing there children they have no regard for the health or welfare of there children Wat so ever !!! Thank you emma for raising awareness of this as it seems to me it’s been kept 2 secret for 2 long

  • I stand by the facts spelled out in this informative and expository article and I stand to challenge anyone defending and advocating this horrific medication to avail themselves as guinea pigs and try it out on themselves in order to experience firsthand the effects and impact of this CD treatment. That would help you understand what you are so reluctant to understand: the bleeding obvious.

  • TO THOSE WHO CLAIMS ITS SAFE? Question yourself. Would you use this on yourself? Experience burns down your throat or anus just to “cure” what can not be cured? Have linings in your stomach and intestines tear and weakened due to excess chemicals? Suffer day in and night with massive physical discomfort when you are already experiencing a lot in your life? Why do it to your children? LOVE THEM AS THEY COME! AND YES, this article can be well backed up by many professionals including doctors. This is hazardous and for the love of god poisionus. Your harming your child doing worse instead of good.

  • Funny, chlorine dioxide is safe and even EPA approved when it’s advertised as water purification drops and sold with camping equipment/supplies or added to public water supplies.

    For the record, I don’t use CD and have no opinion on it either way. Just pointing out that how something is labeled seems to make a difference in whether or not it’s considered safe. Sort of like how mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet…unless it’s in a vaccine, then it’s safe.

    • Yes its EPA approved, what does that have to do with anything? My car is DOT approved, that doesn’t mean its safe to ingest or use for anything other than its approved purpose. The CD “treatment” calls for much higher doses than is approved by any agency. The EPA does not deal with medical issues and or treatments, the FDA does and the FDA says CD/MMS is not safe.
      As far as the mercury and the CD are concerned, the dose it what determines its safety. The dose reccomended by MMS is not safe. The dose of mercury which is no longer even in most vaccines is safe. And fyi, there are two different types of mercury and the one in the flu vax is the same of the mercury found in fish.

  • This is torture and it is NOT backed by science. To cure my Autism you would have to rewire my mind. I find discussing curing my personality insulting. Bleach is not the answer. WTF is wrong with these people?

  • I’ve read this article and a few others in relation to this subject and it’s horrifying to know that parent are so ignorant and naive to think that CD aka MMS is okay for children consumption… it’s not okay for any human to consume.. it’s toxic.. it’s deadly.. this is what was used to decontaminate buildings and other things that were contaminated with anthrax in the US and yet somehow parents think this is okay to give to their kids!….Is it really that important to these parents to have a so called stereo typical type “normal child” that they are willing poisoning their child or children and killing them from the inside out in hopes of having a normal looking and acting kid in their family. Do the child a favor and put up for adoption and let somebody love that child for who they are and what they’re about. To the parents who think that they can detox the disabilities out of their child is way abnormal thinking and perhaps they’re the ones who need the consumption of the deadly poison to detox there abusive sadistic dysfunctional parenting. Am I missing something here?

  • What a fantastic article! Thank goodness for people like you Emma, who choose to highlight this disgusting practice. Vulnerable children need a voice of reason to highlight to the Autism community that this practice is wrong and a form of torture. Why would any sane person knowingly allow a precious child to ingest a registered toxin? Why do these people hide behind false identities? We all know that they hide because if social services found out that they were knowingly feeding their children toxins, not to mention the horrifically invasive enema procedures, they would remove their children quicker than they could try to find justification. Even with this supposed justification their children would be removed and taken to a doctor to see what long term damage they have inflicted on their child. I am just aghast that this horrific ‘treatment’ exists in modern society! It is barbaric and unnecessarily cruel! Thank you Emma for being the voice for many and thank you to all of those of you who fight the actions of these barbaric witch doctors. To those of you who defend this practice, shame on you! You don’t deserve a precious child who trusts you to protect them!

  • its chlorite not chlorine… Everyone who studies some fenomena or data methodically IS a scientist/researcher. You do not have to be payd by the government to be a scientist/researcher.

    • Chlorine is the base atom, Chlorite contains Chlorine and is a CD anion, and you failed to spell “phenomena” and “payed” incorrectly, your argument is moot

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