The damage of Chlorine Dioxide also peddled as Miracle Mineral Solution

For those of you that do not know there’s a very real threat to our autistic children in the world today.

Naive parents and carers are being told that parasitic worms are the cause of autism in their children. They are being told that if they remove these worms with CD (Chlorine Dioxide) treatments the autism will leave their children and their children will be happy, healthy, and above all neurotypical. In their droves these disillusioned parents are flocking to buy Chlorine Dioxide also peddled as Miracle Mineral Solution, seeking their neurotypical ideal. They do not realize that they and more importantly their children, mere babies in some cases are falling victims to quackery and are cogs in a money making machine.

This treatment is being touted and falsely glorified to “cure” cancer, Ebola, dementia and Alzheimer to name but a few. They need to know the truth and the damage they are inflicting on their children.
 CD is a powerful water purification agent, put bluntly, it’s bleach. The CD protocol dictates that it be administered a certain amount of drops per dose in enemas and orally in water. Start low, build up. The result of this is children are losing long strands of bowel lining and intestinal lining through their bowel movements or independent seeping. The strands are proudly displayed in some cases in photographs in CD Facebook groups, parents proclaiming that they have killed another “worm” and congratulating each other. Occasionally they mention that their child seems to be particularly miserable, in pain or crying or has a high temperature. That’s the autism leaving them they are told, up the dose.

These children are subjected to minimum two treatments a day, wrapped in towels while the very people they are meant to be protected by force bleach inside them to rid them of a neurological difference that will never leave them. The heartbreak, pain and complete devastation these children feel must be recognised.

Today I had the opportunity of speaking to a mother who had been using CD on her eleven year old non verbal daughter. She confided to me that her daughter was in pain and she believed the child’s monthly cycle was the cause of her discomfort. I inquired as to whether she was using any treatment for her? She replied that no she wasn’t, apart from CD. The manner of openness in which she told me showed me she did not know the very real damage she was doing, and I begged her to stop. She was horrified when I sent her links showing the damage of CD use and repeatedly told me she hadn’t known, that she was sorry. That she would stop immediately. I pray she has.

The problem is to this child there’s damage already done. The pain, confusion and bewilderment will never leave her. I look at my children, all on six on spectrum and I don’t know how anyone could bleach someone so pure. They are gifts, little people with dreams, passions, opinions, likes and dislikes. They deserve respect, compassion and encouragement, loyalty and love. They need nothing more. In the hope just one parent reading this article will think of the enema hose in the bag with the CD nestled beside it and think no more, I write it with hope.

Protect your child parent, don’t attempt to change what’s perfect.


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