Singing group helps to raise autism awareness

Hampshire, UK – A local singing group for adults with ASD is aiming to raise autism awareness by performing for members of the public throughout the community.

The Singing Spectrum is a unique group consisting of adults with autism that provides an avenue through which its members can connect with the public through music. They perform at different events and venues in the area including lunch groups, offering a lively show that enables them to combine both entertainment and awareness in a familiar setting.

Hence with the help of Autism Hampshire, a non-profit that provides the group with  sound equipment, as well as the use of a room supplied by Tesco for rehearsals, the Singing Spectrum has been able to meet its initial objective. However ultimately, founding member Su Seymour believes that future goals can also be reached, enabling those who belong to it to be productive, increase their self-confidence and engage meaningfully with others. She states:

“We could never sing in front of people before but now we’re even doing solos, which is helping our confidence.”

In the future the group plans to expand by adding new members and offering performances at more venues including fetes and schools throughout the area.

Source: The News Portsmouth website: Unique singing group aims to raise autism awareness