Not so Different – an anthem for the modern age


“It takes every colour in the spectrum to make the world so bright,

Love speaks in a million ways, and in the end we’re not so different.”

Lyrics taken from singer songwriter’s Cassandra Kubinski’s new song Not So Different, a tune which is quickly  becoming a modern anthem for people on the spectrum and the organisations who represent them.

Autism Daily Newscast spoke exclusively to Cassandra about the inspiration behind penning a song for all people on the spectrum on the day before she shoots the official music video to accompany her song.

Cassandra Kubinski moved to New York where she now resides permanently over ten years ago. Among her friends was Vanessa, a mother with two high functioning autistic sons. It was Vanessa who approached Cassandra for her song writing talents, for a gathering of the New Jersey branch of autism organisation Autism Speaks.225364_10150168707055814_566745813_6803543_824275_n

“This was the opportunity I needed to really ‘say’ something. I really want to spread a message of acceptance and non-judgement. I wanted to write something that would tell the world we all want to be loved, and accepted for what we were without having to be ‘fixed’ or ‘changed’ in any way.”

The song was an instant hit with Autism Speaks, who are involved in the shooting of the video.

Cassandra tells us:

“All proceeds from the song will go to Autism Speaks and organisations who work directly with autism. If anyone is interested we would love to partner with them. We would like to raise as much money as possible for autism causes, and we would like to work with a greater collection of philanthropic like-minded people for a greater cause,” she continues “For me a song writer always hopes to have an impact on their audience. Personally I’d really like to perform on Jon Stewart’s A night of too many stars.”


Cassandra, who graduated from Florida State University in 2001, draws her inspiration from great singer songwriters like Billy Joel, John Mayer and Carol King.

A full interview is available in next month’s  edition of ASDigest, which you can download here.