May 29, 2018

full_left_column_Fynnjan_Leach-Verhoeven1Buckinghamshire, UK – A schoolboy with Aspergers who’s mother hadn’t heard him sing until last year is vying for the UK chart’s top spot with a song he composed himself.

He sung for the first time at last year’s school Christmas concert and blew his audience away.

Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven penned the song from tunes that he had going around in his head. Proceeds from the single will go to autism charities and the National Autistic Society.

Appearing on NewsTalk Live, he explained that giving more support to other children with autism would help them find the key to success. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the release on the single on November 23.

Speaking on News Talk Live he said:

“There are three rooms to life, the third room is successful. Not everyone reaches this but I hope most do.

“Most people start in the second room and they have to find the key to a successful life. But people with disabilities start in room 1 and they have to be given the key by their school or home to get to room 2.

“I got the help from my school – all kinds of therapy – but for different people this can be different, like someone who is born without legs would need a wheelchair or fake legs to get to room 2.”


Alastair Graham, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the NAS said:

“Fynnjan’s compassion and his determination to create a better world for people with autism is truly humbling.  As a charity, the NAS relies on donations like this to continue to provide the support that people affected by autism need.


“Fynnjan is a very talented and inspirational boy and I hope the country will get behind him and help him to reach number one.”

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