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April 25, 2018

Solana Beach, CA –  20-year-old Reid Moriarty is set to debut his first album titled “Purple Party” at its release party in Del Mar. The children’s album was written partly by Reid and his music teacher of 13 years, Angela Neve. Neve also served as co-producer.

Reid was inspired to learn music when he was preschool. As most high functioning children with autism Reid had a lot of extra energy that hindered his learning. But, as Reid’s parents Andrea and Jim Moriarty, told news outlet U-T San Diego, music focused him:

“Then one day his teacher discovered that whenever she played music, she had Reid’s 100 percent attention.”

He began music therapy at age five and used educational songs to help with potty training. As he got older he used songs to help him learn math problems, to avoid gluten, self-regulation, and the solar system.

His mother told U-T San Diego that:

“He could memorize things very quickly. If you played something just once, he could match the pitch and sing it right back to you.”

Reid bonded quickly when he met Neve and his talents in music soon became clear to her. Neve switched from musical tasks to actual music lessons, teaching him piano and found Reid opportunities to preform. According to her, music helps people on the spectrum express themselves, something any person needs regardless of their learning differences.

At 13 Reid joined Banding Together, musical jam sessions for people with autism and Down’s syndrome. He soon formed The Kingsmen with members from Banding Together. Unfortunately The Kinsmen didn’t last.

Then, a few years ago as a Christmas present Neve gifted Reid some time in a recording studio so they write songs together, and the album Purple Party was born.

The Moriarty’s know their son’s songs won’t make the Top 40 list. But they don’t mind. As long he gets to express himself with music and show others that they can too, they’ll be happy.

Source: Pam Kragen on the  U-T San Diego website: Singer with autism to release CD


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