DJ with autism uses music to overcome barriers

Prince George, BC – A man with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is using deejaying and his love for music, both to earn money and to cope with some of the symptoms that are inherent to the disorder.

For the majority of his life Kyle Brochu found it difficult to deal with loud noises, crowds and various external stimuli that are commonly found in public places and settings. He became, what he refers to as a “shut-in hermit,” avoiding social situations and public areas in fear of being unable to appropriately react to the sounds around him. However after embarking on a musical career, Brochu has essentially found his voice, which has enabled him to improve his social and communication skills, in addition to connecting more effectively with the world around him.

Brochu, who also works as a producer and goes by the alias Digital Shadow, believes that he can now effectively communicate, not only with words but also by sharing concepts and feelings to others. However, although the young deejay has found a way to mitigate the symptoms of his disorder, by finding his niche in music, he argues that ASD should be viewed as a difference, as opposed to a disability. He asserts:

“There’s many different ways of doing things and if it works, it works.”

Source: CBC News:  Music helps DJ with autism find his voice