Sadistic thugs who tortured Autistic boy for days set FREE under UK Government initiative

guilty-bolton-marshall-and-griffin-pics-mens-62982589Editorial Disclaimer: Some readers of a sensitive nature may find this report disturbing

A government initiative is being blamed for the return of three sadistic thugs to the streets of the UK who filmed themselves torturing a seventeen year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Jack Bolton, Andrew Griffin and Nathan Marshall, all 18 from Salford Manchester filmed three days of footage while they subjected the boy to scratching with sandpaper, throwing dog dirt at him, hitting the boy repeatedly with a tennis racket, forcing him to perform a sex act on a dog, and forcing alcohol onto him until he passed out. 

The mobile phone also caught them laughing as they pushed him head first down the hill and kicked him in the head, because they were “bored“.

Under the rules of the new government incentive, the men were given community service, victim awareness counselling and forced to wear curfew bands. The family have vowed to petition Justice secretary Ken Clarke via their local MP, in a sentence they brand ‘a joke‘.

The victim has fled Salford and now lives with his aunt, and the torturers who  called themselves his friends are free under a supervision order for the next 12 months.

In an interview with the Mirror, his family stated:

“My lad was so scared of these boys he’d lie about his bruises. I realised how serious it was when he came home with a trainer print on his face.

“The judge’s sentence is a joke and I can’t tell my nephew what the sentence was or he’ll feel totally let down. This bullying scum have got away with it.”

Judge Jonathan Geake commented that what the men did were horrendous, but he felt that their guilty pleas were remorseful, and that they could be re-habilitatied. 

An opinion piece to follow shortly.