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June 30, 2015 — Texas Governor Gregg Abbott signed a bill Friday that requires cameras installed in every special education classroom in all public schools in the state.

The move by the Texan governor follows calls by parents, law enforcement officials, and stakeholders for the bill to be signed into law, asserting that such measure is necessary to ensure the safety of children with special needs, who are most vulnerable to abuse due to their disability.

One of those who pushed for the bill to be signed into law was Bridgette Rideau, a mother of a young boy with autism named Terrence, who was allegedly abused by a special education teacher at his former school. According to Rideau:

“You really have to educate your teachers. You really have to qualify the people who are doing this. The insurance companies don’t really want this because they’re gonna have to pay out for people who have made mistakes because now they’re gonna be seen.”

“Cameras make people, it makes you do the correct thing because you know you’re being watched.”

Funding for the cameras to be installed will be shouldered solely by the school districts— which is the main reason why districts fought so hard to oppose the law. According to Arlington ISD’s Leslie Johnston:

“And so for us, it’ll be about 93 classrooms that will fall into this category of self-contained classrooms, and that will cost us, we’re thinking about $450,000.”

Others say that camera installations for bigger school districts might stand close to $2 million in costs. | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports

Source: Brandon Todd: Fox 4 News: New TX law requires cameras in special ed. classrooms

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