Kevin Healey’s Anti Bullying Autism Awareness Documentary

Anti-Bullying-Logo_FTuesday Jan 28 – The launch of Kevin Healey’s much anticipated film documentary, Anti Bullying Autism Awareness. The film was made to highlight Kevin’s autism anti bullying campaign.

The film has been produced by Steve Cranston of Lilac Films. The film premiered for the first time in Stoke on Jan 20 and then on Jan 27 in London.

Kevin Healey is a leading autism campaigner and advocate as well as being a trustee and Ambassador for the National Autistic Society. Kevin has Asperger Syndrome.

The documentary features celebrities who talk about their own personal experiences of bullying and hate crime as well as the views of Leo Andrade-Martinez who is mother to a grown up son on the autistic spectrum.

The documentary focuses upon the fact that bullying, hate crime and cyber bullying via social media sites is extremely distressing and harmful to any individual but that it is particularly more so for those individuals on the autistic spectrum and for those who are more vulnerable within our society.

Kevin Healey credit Kim Rix, Founder, Kim Rix photography

Kevin Healey
credit Kim Rix, Founder, Kim Rix photography

As well as the main film the YouTube channel also streams the 9 individual interviews that took place including those of Dr Pam Spurr, Chris Maloney, Dawn Lowe and Dave Gentry. Kevin also talks exclusively in his interview about his own experience of cyber bullying and the reason he set up the anti bullying campaign.

So far Kevin has 104 MP’s backing his campaign and he also has the backing of Liberal Democrat MEP Phil Bennion. On February 28 the second stage of the EDM 172 ‘Hate Crime Against Those with Autism’, will be put forward by Ian Mearns MP in Parliament.

So the campaign is going from strength to strength.

Kevin Healey and his autism campaign can be followed on twitter and on the campaign website

You can watch all of the individual documentaries and film by subscribing to the KevsAutismCampaign YouTube channel here