David Noakes and the GcMAF controversy – Exclusive (Part 2)

gcmaf immunology conference

David Noakes in the middle with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet on the far right at the GcMAF mmunology conference

After speaking with Doug Jewell, this reporter was keen to dig further into the people who are selling GcMAF and alleging it can cure/purge autism. I had seen David Noakes previously on The  BBC One Show in May and have shared my opinion on his Immune Biotech in a previous article.  The UK health watchdog branded GcMAF  “a significant risk to health” back in  February of this year when the product was identified as being contaminated. Importing the drug GcMAF into Guernsey was banned. So I reached out to Mr Noakes to get his side of the story.

The following article includes the opinions of David Noakes, Fiona Oleary and Catherine Hall, the head of The National Autistic Society for Guernsey.

Mr Noakes was very hesitant at first, asking assurances that Autism Daily Newscast would not twist, misrepresent and mislead people. He was very concerned that when BBC One Show came to Guernsey everything he said was fraudulently misrepresented. (Readers can watch for themselves part 1 of this of the BBC One Show below.)

I duly gave my assurance that Autism Daily Newscast would let his words speak for themselves.  For fairness and transparency, all three interviews are verbatim emails sent to this reporter.

Fiona Oleary herself is an autism advocate and keen campaigner against autistic mistreatments and has two autistic sons. Catherine Hall has three sons on the autistic spectrum and has met Noakes face to face at their AGM for the NAS where he stood up and announced he could cure autism.

As follows is my correspondence from Noakes where he has given Autism Daily Newscast permission for this as long as it is printed without editing. Bear in mind this is an unlicensed unproven product and Noakes has been shut down by the MHRA. Noakes has no medical background.

Our interview begins here


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