October 21, 2018

David Noakes screenshot from YouTubeAs follows is my correspondence from Noakes where he has given Autism Daily Newscast permission for this as long as it is printed without editing. Bear in mind this is an unlicensed unproven product and Noakes has been shut down by the MHRA. Noakes has no medical background.

“Dear Emma,

GcMAF is a human protein made by 5 billion healthy people. It is a human right. One billion unhealthy people can’t make it, because their disease (which includes cancer) blocks it.

200 scientists have written about 120 scientific research papers on it, so its a well understood protein.

At Immuno Biotech our four scientists wrote 32 research papers, peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals.

Our scientists, who have spent 22 years in GMP, extract our GcMAF to better than GMP quality, and test each batch 9 times. Our sterility is done internally, and externally by an independent laboratory. It has always been perfect.

We have supplied 9,000 people through 350 doctors and clinics in 80 nations.

Of those 9,000, 3,500 are autistic children.

In our clinics our seven doctors, with the scientists help, took the autism recovery rate from 15% when we started, to 60% today.

The last method we were using was for the child to breathe in the GcMAF through a nebuliser, and then hold an ultrasound probe on their temple, to open the blood brain barrier.

60% of autistic children would then recover inside 2 weeks.

The MHRA then closed us down. They protect the billion dollar profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations, have big pharma directors on their board. and deny the public access to safe, proven, effective remedies like GcMAF. See www.mhracorrupt.st for the 10 public bodies who have written reports stating the MHRA is corrupt.

The public petition to disband the MHRA has reached 8,000 signatures in 4 months.

We no longer supply GcMAF but our distributors still do. If you go to immunobiotech.eu and register, we will put you in touch with them or with their clinics.

A vial of GcMAF, often enough to eradicate autism, costs €450. It treats cancer successfully in 70% of cases. Chemotherapy costs £40,000 a round.


Rebuilds the immune system

  • Improves human neuronal metabolic activity through cAMP signalling – autism, ME/CFS, MS, ALS
  • Counters toxic effects including cadmium – ME/CFS
  • It abolishes neuropathic pain due to neuro-oxidative stress (stress due to the anti-cancer drug oxaliplatin) in the lab. (neurodegenerative diseases and autism that have oxidative stress as a pathogenetic mechanism)
  • It increases neuronal connectivity by promoting differentiation and the formation of dendrites and neuritis (autism and ME/CFS, where there is a lack of connectivity between neurons).

We have written research papers on all of these. See “The science” on the gcmaf.eu website.

14 doctors have been clumsily assassinated. That is to scare off other “alternative” doctors – they can see it is not suicide, and can see it is murder. The clumsiness is deliberate. That still leaves 350 doctors using GcMAF in 80 other countries.

There are a number of autism Mums who are horrified when they learn autism can be eradicated. It is as though their status is being threatened. We’ve met quite a few. We think every child has the right to the best future possible, and their mums should not hold them back.

Emma, you have the right to use everything I’ve said here, providing you leave its meaning as it was when I wrote it.”

Noakes also sent further correspondence that he asked not be quoted, which is unfortunate, as it contained great insight into his views on autism and the parents who refuse to use this product.

Fiona Oleary has also had contact with David Noakes. In her email she shares some quotes on his views regarding Amanda Mary. This information can not be verified by Autism Daily Newscast.

Our interview with Oleary continues here

About the author 

Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome along with Synthanesia. She has six children on varying degrees of the most spectrum so easily. When she is not writing exposes as an autistic advocate, her days are spent doing sensory play, reading, outings, and taking them to therapies e.g. play therapy, music therapy, speech, and language.

  • Thank you Emma Dalmayne and Autism Daily Newscast for a wonderful in depth article.
    This is such an important issue and the Autistic community need to be protected from Charlatans like David Noakes.
    Many thanks
    Fiona O’Leary.

  • Five billion healthy people make their own GcMAF. One billion unhealthy people have their own GcMAF blocked by diseases, like cancer and autism. GcMAF is a natural human protein with no side effects, and a human right. The picture at the top was the speakers at our Frankfurt GcMAF Immunology Conference; 300 Professors, PhD’s scientists and doctors have now attended. 200 scientists have written scientific research papers on GcMAF. My four scientists wrote 32 research papers, peer reviewed and published in the worlds top scientific journals; we published an additional 9 superb effects GcMAF has in the body and the results from treating scores of people in our 3 clinics, where we start 70% of terminal stage 4 cancer patients recovering with 25% tumour reductions, and eliminate autism in 60% of children. See http://www.gcmaf.eu. Our scientists extract GcMAF from colostrum in a 22 step process, and put it through 9 tests. Our sterility is tested by ourselves and and independent laboratory, and has always been perfect. We supply 9,000 people through 350 doctors and clinics, and employed 7 doctors ourselves. The MHRA, which has big pharma directors on its board, and which ten public bodies including Parliament state is corrupt, see http://www.mhracorrupt.st, published 18 fraudulent misrepresentations about our sterility. Catherine Hall and Fiona O Leary are not scientists, not doctors, have never ordered GcMAF, and have refused to give it to their children. I have never seen such hatred for a treatment they have nothing to do with, and about which they know, relative to our scientists and doctors, nothing. We agree with Doug Jewell, and are horrified that some autistic mums like Catherine and Fiona are prepared to deny their children the best possible chance in life. They are the real charlatans. And I thank Emma Dalmayne for her honesty in allowing us to state our position.

    • David Noakes you should be ashamed of yourself and you are an embarrassment to listen to.
      A charlatan without any conscience or morals.
      Shame on you!

    • Our scientists extract GcMAF from colostrum
      Not blood plasma any more? Colostrum? This sounds suspiciously akin to the previously-derogated Saisei Mirai version of the magical mystery molecule.

    • In 2007 one of David Noakes’ erstwhile colleagues in the UK Independence Party described him as “a swivel-eyed loon whose insane conspiracy theories make the rest of us look as mad as a box of frogs… He should really be locked up in a secure unit”.


      With his promotion above of the crackpot “assassinated alternative doctors” theory it’s nice to see that nothing’s changed.

  • Thank you Emma.

    If you read this David Noakes, then firstly I’m pleased to hear that your son is thriving and that you are proud of him. The most fundamental component of parenthood for anybody blessed with children should be pride, compassion, love and understanding.

    I believe that your message is absolutely contrary to those basic principles- you are promoting the idea that moral and ethic parenting is represented by an attempt to remove the disagreeable components of that child’s personality/neurodiversity on the inaccurate basis that they are ‘diseased’. While I believe in the right of any parent to help shape and develop their child’s development, using invasive and potentially harmful treatments which are not medically approved in order to achieve an eradication of a component of their fundamental make-up is extremely questionable.

    Your son’s success might of course be attributed to your parenting or his natural maturation, but instead you attribute it to a product which you’ve marketed extensively and made significant profit from. The fact that, like Kerri and the various other charlatans on the circuit, you use him as your promotional ‘blurb’ tells me that you care less about his development and more about ensuring that you can continue to promote this garbage in order to further your personal circumstances and wealth. Your complaints about big pharma and the regulatory bodies are complete bunk given that you yourself use the same unscrupulous practices and indulge in the same kind of greedy self-preservation that we see in the world of big pharma. Your “petition” to disband the MRHA has less signatures than my blog views for last month. You’ve been exposed numerous times now and your ability to continually blame your “persecution” on a conspiracy is wearing thin.

    Incidentally I do share your contempt for Amanda Mary, so please feel free to contact me if you’d like to see her “exposed”. And by that I mean quite literally exposed.

  • I knew Doctor Bradstreet and there is no doubt that he saved my life! I was on GcMAF for five months when he died. Shortly after he was killed, I was retested for Nagalase and found a significant decrease in its level in my body. Also, my relentless every 30 day outbreak of Herpes type two stopped. It’s now been 8 months since and no outbreak. Also, a lump on the back of my neck associated with Cushings disease was reduced in size by about 50%.
    This is all I know, but it’s enough to have made me excited since I have been seriously ill for 28 years. This was the first sign of positive improvement since I first became ill; I was finally getting out of bed and having a life!
    It took me a few weeks after Dr. Bradstreet’s demise to find the supplier of GcMAF. They were first in England then Belgium and last I heard France. They have been chased from country to country by the Eurasian equivalent of the FDA. The sad and serious results of all of this is that I have not been able to receive one good supply of GcMAF. The reason is this: each supply, legally purchased by myself, was seized by US customs and held for four to five days until released to me. By then, the serum was spoiled and useless! The shipment is well marked, “next day delivery, keep frozen, medical!” I am an American and was within my rights to buy the GcMAF and to have it shipped to me. I lost $2,500 a few weeks ago and went online only to find out that this is happening to most people all over the world when trying to buy GcMAF!
    Now I am in trouble! I was almost dead 8 months ago when Dr. Bradstreet stepped in. I have five children, nine grandchildren and no one has the right to stop me in trying to heal myself! There are no side effects! None! Even if there were, who are they to stop me? I do not know anyone who has had any troubling side effect. This is all so obvious as to what happened here but no one can do anything. Do you know who runs the FDA? Does Monsanto mean anything to you? Mr. Monsanto himself runs the FDA and one of his board members runs the EPA! Hillary and Obama are tied to all of this and they were both bought a long time ago to get where they are! We are in big trouble!
    Thank you for caring.

    • I remain unconvinced that dubious products purportedly containing GcMAF are the most reliable or the most cost-effective way of treating herpes.

  • You are all going to look back and see the evil that was done to those that sacrificed everything. You would feel very different if you had cancer or a child with autism improving and healing on GCMAF. The investigation has proven nothing at this point and see we see a Big Cover up here…

    This is my two cents… And for reporters that are used for purposes where the motives are cruel, have become puppets. No reliable journaling here…. One day you will have some answering to do.

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