Singapore radio station auctions art for Autsim Association Singapore

Singapore – Lush 99.5FM along with eight Singapore artists are auctioning off art to raise money and autism awareness for the non-profit Autism Association (Singapore) (AAS) . The participating artists include Sandra Riley Tang of The Sam Willows, Andy Yang, Jonathan Kiat, Little Ong, Heider Ismail, Marc Gabriel, Eric Foenander and “Sticker Lady” Samantha Lo (skl0).

Each of the eight artists will select a song from a local musician as their jumping off point and then paint whatever their chosen song inspires.

MediaCorp, owner and operator of Lush 99.5FM, released a statement on October 7 saying that all art will be auctioned of on the 25 October. All proceeds will go to the AAS to fund the programs and services it offers children and families with autism.

Channel NewsAisa met with Lush’s Assistant Program Director Vanessa Fernandez who commented that:

“I think people will be very inspired by the art and music. It’s our way of finding an answer to the question of ‘What is the Singapore voice in art and music?’”

Senior Manager of Programs and Services of the AAS Paula Teo also met with Channel NewsAsia, remarking that autism  their needs to be more  public understanding and awareness.She also adds that she hopes other corporations will follow suit to Lush.