‘Become a Butterfly Project’ inspiring autistic children to create art

From Twitter

From Twitter

The McCarton Foundation in New York emphasizes the amazing potential inside every person on the autism spectrum. With a focus on educating children, as well as parents and professionals,

The McCarton Foundation works with children to highlight the positives and celebrate the extraordinary talents those on the spectrum have. There are four branches of the foundation: The McCarton School, Research, Training, and Events.

The McCarton school provides year-round educational educational services for children from ages 3 to 17. Unlike traditional educational settings, classes are not arranged by chronological age. Instead, developmental and functional skill levels are assessed relating to language abilities, ability to work in groups, and social skills. The school views parental involvement in the educational process as very important and has an open-door policy so parents can observe their children at any time.

Parental support is so valued by the school that parental training sessions are offered with focus on self-help, play, community functioning, and areas of concern. The school also integrates technology into the academic setting as well as having multiple therapeutic and leisure activity options.

The McCarton Foundation is currently partnering with would renowned artist Yun-Mo Ahn and the Valerie Goodman Gallery on a project called Become a Butterfly. For the past two years, Yun-Mo Ahn has been traveling around the globe working with autistic children to create beautiful artwork, but this is the first time the project will be brought to North America.

The goal of the program is to engage children in visual arts and emphasize autism empowerment. Children will be able to create their own artwork on the butterfly template provided and the final art will be displayed at  the MoMA, the Rockefeller Preserve, the New York Port Authority, as well as other locations around New York City.

Currently, over 600 butterfly templates have been distributed to children throughout NYC and even more are being created. If your school or organization would like to work with the McCarthon Foundation on this current project, please contact butterfly@mccarton.org or follow on twitter at @butterflyinnyc.