First autistic comic superhero makes a huge statement

Cover (1)Comics are a universal language understood by all, and enjoyed by billions.

Face Value, a  steampunk-noir style comic has something a little bit special. Not the invasion of  a race of power crazy aliens, a genius nemesis or a new improved race of humans.

The hero in this comic is autistic.

The protagonist Michael, is a middle school aged boy. He must battle not only the villain, Dr Mobius, but he must understand himself. Using science and a little help from his robotic therapeutic support staff, T.E.S.S., he will come closer to emotional discovery.

The comic book is the brainchild of David Kott from Dover Township, Ohio. It’s taken the best part of two years to get this project up and running with a crack team of graphic artists.  He founded Face Value comics as a teaching aid to help young adults with autism better understand facial expressions.

Kott explains:

“Everyone can learn more about emotions.”

The inaugural issue is available for download here

There will be another three future issues exploring all emotions, from happiness, to fear to forming of true and lasing friendships.

A full interview with founder, David Kott will be available in the March edition of Autistic Spectrum Digest, available on February 25.