April 16, 2015

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Anti vaccination campaigner Robert Kennedy Junior has publicly apologised for comparing vaccination of children to the Holocaust in a recent autism speech.

Lawyer, and nephew of assassinated president John F Kennedy is campaigning against a Californian bill which proposes compulsory vaccination of all children against common childhood illnesses such as whooping cough, chicken pox, mumps, measles and rubella.

Whilst addressing a public audience in Sacramento, California last week, he said of Pharmaceutical companies:

“They get the shot, that night they have a fever of 103 [degrees], they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone. This is a Holocaust, what this is doing to our country.”

Days later and he has retracted and apologised for this statement saying:

“I want to apologize to all whom I offended by my use of the word to describe the autism epidemic,” Kennedy said in a statement. “I employed the term during an impromptu speech as I struggled to find an expression to convey the catastrophic tragedy of autism which has now destroyed the lives of over 20 million children and shattered their families.”

David Perry from CNN contacted Ari Ne’eman, president of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, who wrote,

“Robert Kennedy Jr, who has engaged with autism only to spread lies, misinformation and dehumanizing rhetoric, has never meaningfully engaged in efforts to improve the lives of autistic Americans. While his father, uncle and many others in the Kennedy-Shriver family championed the rights of people with disabilities, he has instead cast his lot with those who use pseudo-science to question our humanity.”

Autism activists were outraged and took to Twitter to complain. Amy Sequenzia another autism activist retweeted Ne’eman,

I don’t think apology means what you think it means,


. You owe autistic people a REAL apology. Not apologizing for slapping us with your right hand while slapping again w/ left.

It is certainly not the first time Mr Kennedy Jr has turned heads with his outspoken views on vaccination including his comments in July 2014 regarding Thimerosal and vaccines in relation to the rising number of autistic children diagnosed in the US despite the amount of Scientific weight behind disproving this link.

His most recent interview with Fox News depicts his passion behind these beliefs.

The Senate Bill 227 proposed in California will stop parents from opting out of vaccination for religious reasons, it was drawn after an outbreak of measles in Disneyland last year which affected over 100 of the parks visitors.

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Shân Ellis, is a qualified journalist with five years experience of writing features, blogging and working on a regional newspaper. Prior to working as a journalist, she was a ghost writer for top publishers and was closely involved in the editing and development of book series. Shân has a degree in the sciences, and 5 A levels. She lives in the UK and is the mother of an autistic child.

  • Mr. Kennedy was given every gift imaginable. And he throws away that which is most valuable: his intelligence. Instead of using it to accomplish anything of value, he uses autistics as his hammer against vaccines.

    He owes a real apology.

  • It has been proven that vaccines do significantly increase the risk of autism in in susceptible children – those who may have genetically poorly functioning detox enzymes and are unable to remove the mercury and aluminum in vaccines. At least one CDC research study has been falsified to deny the link of vaccines with autism. A CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson co-authored a 2004 CDC study which claimed the MMR vaccine was not associated with autism. In 2014, Dr. Thompson admitted that the 2004 CDC study was altered to hide a 240% increase in autism in African American children who were vaccinated before 36 months of age when compared to those vaccinated later. Furthermore, there was a 69% increased risk of autism in all male children who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months.
    This fact does not in any way dehumanize peope with autism (including me and my granddaughter). Autism dooes destroy families. 80% of parents of an autistic child get divorced. They recognize that the child is not developing neurotypically and, not knowing the reason, blame each other.
    American children are currently suffering with an epidemic of autism – nearly one in fifty now have the diagnosis. I think this qualifies as a holocaust. There was no need for an apology. Jewish people do not have a patent on this word. There have been many holocausts in history, like what Europeans did to the Native Americans.

  • I was truly appalled at his apology-apology attempt. Consequently, I mounted a campaign on Facebook to tell Mr. Kennedy that as autistics, our lives are not destroyed nor are our families lives shattered. The autistic voices that felt the same indignation as I did were not alone. Parents of autistic children were equally appalled and joined in on the campaign to educate Mr. Kennedy. Although this story is waning in the news, if anyone would like to send Mr. Kennedy their thoughts, his private email address is:

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