Mercury in Autism Vaccines – the debate hots up once more

CaptureEvery so often, the media debate on the use of Mercury in vaccines and the tenuous link between the vaccines and autism hots up in the media.

This particular flare was caused by the CDC (centre for disease control)  itself which published a white paper on January 23 on the use of Thimerosal, a mercury containing base preservative used in some vaccines.

The white paper was written as part of a freedom of information release regarding the ingredients of autism vaccines.

There is no scientific evidence that Thimerosal causes autism. But within ten minutes of publishing the white paper, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites were positively aglow with anger at the CDC. We read this piece today as research for this piece.

One in 88 children in the USA are diagnosed with autism annually. And more and more parents are choosing to research vaccination carefully before committing to it.

A few recent pieces to emerge from the social media flurry this time were this news piece, which pitched a doctors reaction against a mother, who claimed to have done around 500 hours of research on vaccine ingredients and their side effects on children.

Another interesting piece written by Dr Emma Willingham, a contributor to Forbes magazine and entitled “Is the CDC hiding data about mercury, vaccines and autism?” can be found here.  This opinion piece for Forbes magazine is worth a read. Dr Willingham breaks down the findings concisely.

It wasn’t only the Americans who got caught in the row last week, a number of UK anti-vaccination lobbyists also took to twitter. Unfortunately David Ike chose to retweet a five year old plus paper:


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