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June 27, 2015

5056910_1435169246.771_rBody Located in River Identified  So begins the press release regarding the determination that the body was that of  Dr. James Jeffery Bradstreet, a well known alternative medicine practitioner specifically with autism therapies. Many heralded his treatments while others regarded his autism research lacking any scientific rigour or validity. Dr. Bradstreet treated hundreds of autistic patients which included chelation therapy. He has received many tributes and testimonials similar to this comment from our earlier report:

“We knew Dr. Bradstreet quite well and are shocked by his murder. His work with autistic children, our son being one of them, was compassionate, appropriate, and groundbreaking.”

The full press release is below:

On June 19, 2015 at 4:15 PM the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a body in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock.
The body was found by a fisherman. After the body was removed from the river, it was determined to be James Jeffery Bradstreet of Braselton Georgia.

Mr. Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appears to be self inflicted.
Divers from the Henderson County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and recovered a handgun from the river.

Mr. Bradstreet’s body was sent to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for an autopsy on June 23, 2015.
The case is still under investigation by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office
198 N Washington St
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 828-287-6247

Support Service

Funeral arrangements will be held at the Cecil M. Burton funeral home in Shelby, Georgia but at time of publication details remain pending.

Immediately speculations began and people began stating that Dr. Bradstreet had been murdered. The Bradstreet family has said on Facebook that they are “going to get to the bottom of this”  As reported here at Autism Daily Newscast, they have started GoFundMe page to do a thorough investigation to see if there was foul play and get the full story.  At time of publication of this report there have been more than 225 people contributing over $16,800. They have asked that people not speculate at this time, but comments throughout are clearly stating he was murdered. There are no facts to confirm or deny what actually happened at this time. There are just unanswered questions.

Preliminary autopsy reports in the State of Florida are usually available on the next working day. However, due to the nature of Dr. Bradstreet’s death, forensic pathologists must establish the manner of death (e.g., natural, accident, suicide or homicide) and identity of the decedent (if not known), as well as the decedent’s time of death and/or injury. Normally a hospital autopsy report can be produced within 24 hours. A final autopsy report produced by hospital or forensic pathologists takes between 30 and 45 days. This is clearly a much more complex and public case so may be three months before the final report is published. One can only imagine the exponential nature of the rumours that will be spread in this time frame.

There are few facts at the moment as we await  the results from last Thursday’s autopsy. We do know the following statistics in addition to the information in the Sheriff’s Office press release:

  • Access-to-guns-and-risk-of-suicide-chartA 2008 study by Miller and David Hemenway, HICRC director and author of the book Private Guns, Public Health, found that rates of firearm suicides in states with the highest rates of gun ownership are 3.7 times higher for men, compared with states with the lowest gun ownership—though the rates of non-firearm suicides are about the same.
  • Both Florida and Georgia are considered states that have lenient gun laws (Dr. Bradstreet had practices in both states.)
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death; homicide ranks 16th. At 87%, males are the vast majority of gun suicides. By age group, people 65 and older have the highest firearm suicide rate: 10.6 per 100,000 people. (Dr. Bradstreet was 60.)
  • According to – A shot to the side of the head, in the mouth, or to the front of the chest is usually suicide. Wounds located anywhere else are most likely homicide.




One of the other questions being raised is that as a physician, he would be more likely to use drugs if it were a suicide.  A study published in the Oxford Journal with British subjects suggest this might well be the case, Doctors who kill themselves: a study of the methods used for suicide.  While it is true that doctors commit suicide using firearms a little more percentage wise than the general population, the preferred method is the use of poisoning via drugs: almost 55% of the time.

We also know that the FDA visited Dr. Bradstreet at his Bradstreet Wellness Center in Buford, Georgia on Thursday, June16.  Joshua Sharpe reporting in the Gwinnett Daily Post writes:

“The FDA has yet to reveal why agents searched the office of the doctor, reportedly a former pastor who has been controversial for well over a decade. Robert Hiser, an assistant special agent in charge with the federal agency’s criminal investigations division, referred questions to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, which couldn’t immediately be reached Thursday.

“The Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency aided the FDA with the raid, but director Rick Allen said Thursday he wasn’t immediately able to give information on the purpose of the search.”

Earlier today, NBC News reported incorrectly,

“The Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia reported that U.S. Food and Drug Administration agents searched Bradstreet’s clinic on Monday, citing multiple law enforcement officials. That report could not immediately be verified by NBC News.”

The agents searched Dr. Bradstreet’s office on Thursday, June 16th not on a Monday. Family and friends believe that Dr. Bradstreet died on the Friday and the body was recovered on the Sunday, June 19 – almost one week ago today.

Regardless of the final outcome from the autopsy, the visit from the FDA is a significant piece in the puzzle. It was by their own admission a “raid” involving not only the FDA but Georgia Agency as well.

Patrick J. Skerrett in her HBR article Suicide often not preceded by warnings states that suicide is often an impulsive act.

Did the visit by the FDA trigger something or was their visit more sinister? 

What really went on in that raid? Conspiracy theories aside, from all accounts of those that knew him, Dr. Bradstreet was not an impulsive man.

We have it on reliable source close to Dr. Bradstreet and his family who told us about his skepticism regarding the death being a suicide:

“I know enough about Jeff Bradstreet to know his state of mind.  He was a sound thinker!  He was prudent and calculated.  Acting out on the spur of the moment and deciding to kill himself is like a joke.  He was a jet pilot!…  The one thing all instrument pilots share is a high IQ with the ability to multi task and make sound pragmatic decisions in emergency situations.  In other words, [they] don’t freak out! ‘”

Another comment on our previous article said:

“I spoke to Jeff at 12:30 that Thursday just when the FDA was there. He was calm and told me there was a emergency he would call me back the next day, Friday. He was a genius, a very very smart man who would not have killed himself over this on such short notice.”

Unfortunately, he never made that return phone call the next day.

Additional References:

Editor’s Disclosure: Autism Daily Newscast has reported extensively on the dangers of chelation therapy and we are opposed to its use for autism

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  • Dear Editor-in-Chief Hill:
    Seriously, you used a web site for fiction writers and Wikipedia as sources for this article on one of the pioneer researchers in autism treatment? I have college freshman who could have done a better job with sources. I’m sure Dr. Jeff got a good laugh out of this. But could you do us all a favor and quit embarrassing yourself?

  • Why don’t they mention that he was murdered because he linked autism with vaccines.

  • If the Rutherford County ME produces and submits a honest and genuine autopsy report (not doctored, distorted or censored) to the public, wait and watch what happens to the ME’s career. He shot himself in the chest and fell in the river? Can anyone be so stupid to believe that this man did this? On it’s face the statement “Mr. Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appears to be self inflicted,” is like they are talking to 5 year olds. I can believe that he was executed because he went against this big part of the eugenics movement (vaccines) and then was dumped in the river. He was a substantial threat to the world population reduction agenda. He stood up against the system. He was murdered. Finding out the TRUTH is a dangerous thing to do these days.

  • You people who think this death is natural causes or not foul play are clinically retarded to many of us. The FDA raided his office after his death to get what??? You Americans are now too stupid to tell the truth from a lie. Its not conspiracy its fact…90% of your nation is feeding on pharma drugs of one type to another. You Americans are now the walking dead and the people that are trying to help you are being killed left right and center…Oh!! It must be a conspiracy….stupid …

    • This comment has been slightly edited to remove some of the offensive language.

    • This is a lovely tribute but it is hardly a balanced article as it only presents one side.

  • Hi, please do some more background work on Dr. Bradstreet before you judge him. He helped thousands of people, travelled around the world to work with other researchers in finding treatments for autism and share his findings, gave selflessly of his time and knowledge to his patients. How many doctors do you know who give patients their cell phone numbers and have them call or text him whenever they need to and usually without any fee? please go to the rememberingdrbradstreet facebook page and peruse through the thousands of comments left there. Until the autopsy and any investigations are concluded, I would not jump to the conclusion he committed suicide, that is the least likely of all occurances. Not only was he excited about his research, dedicated to his work and family, he had an son with autism whom he adored and worked so hard to get him from a severely autistic child to one who just graduated high school 4 weeks ago. I cannot believe he would kill himself knowing what that would do to his son.

  • Come on now, do warriors commit suicide???? Heck no! Wake up and smell the burning coffee! I am getting an expresso…you all sleeping sheeples…go baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ck to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The pharmacartel and FDA will pay. Pretty soon, everyone is going to realize that the FDA authorizes toxic, chemical laden, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease causing foods, so that there buddies, the pharmacartel, can push their even deadlier, toxic drugs and vaccines, just to make huge profits-even though they are destroying the population. They both try to intimidate anyone who gets in their way. They even control all the TV Channels and magazines/newspapers, by paying millions to advertise their poisons, and force the media to not report drug and vaccine deaths and injuries (like the news about those 6 infants that died in Mexico, after getting vaccinated), which got pulled off the air within minutes. The only way to get these MFs back is to: Grow your own organic veggies and fruits, raise healthy chickens for their eggs, go vegan, exercise, lose weight, only shop at health food stores, and buy non-gmo organic food (you will be able to afford it, when you stop eating dead/tortured hormone/antibiotic/steroid laden animals-these hormones are linked to prostate and breast cancer). Study naturopathic medicine, and treat yourself. Visit the doctor once a year, and if you have a high BP or cholesterol, use natural remedies, and exercise more. Try to get solar, and an electric car from the money you save going vegan, and not wasting money on expensive prescriptions. Please God, help everyone to stop eating this crap that only the US is allowed to get away with producing, and

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