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June 25, 2015

Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, image taken from GoFundMe

Editor’s Note: While more information is limited, Autism Daily Newscast has a follow-up story that can be found here.

It was recently reported in the national press that the body of a man, later identified as Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was found in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock on June 19. The body was reportedly found by a fisherman. The body had a gunshot to the chest which deputies of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office reported as self inflicted.

An autopsy has been carried out and at present the case remains under investigation.

Dr. Bradstreet treated children with autism at his medical practice based in Palm Bay, Florida. His son has autism, and he vocally believed that this was due to a vaccine induced reaction at 15 months of age.

Dr. Bradstreet researched on the topic of autism and ran a controversial clinic that Doubtful News state: ‘endorsed pseudoscientific cures on autism patients and others.’

They further report that several  anti-vax autism sites publicly mourned his loss.

Age of Autism called him “ A stalwart leader in treating autism, really helping families, his loss is huge in our community“.

Only hours after his death, the conspiracy theorists were out in force. Erin Elizabeth on the HealthNut website stated:

“Some doctors are reading this tonight and writing me that they find the story suspicious and are concerned. I too am concerned, as my other half is a prominent controversial doctor as well, and not sure what to think. I suspect we’ll know more as the investigation continues.”

A tribute Facebook group, Remembering Dr. Bradstreet posted the following link on their page, Finding out the TRUTH, a GoFundMe campaign set up by Dr Bradstreet’s family that is asking for a thorough investigation into what happened to Dr Bradstreet. It states:

‘To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play. Thank you for your support!’

Doubtful News further add:

‘There is speculation not only that Bradstreet was murdered but that another alternative practitioners death over the weekend suggests that there is some plot. There is ZERO evidence for this and the paranoia reflects the mentality of the anti-vax crowd who think they are right but everyone is out to get them. Of course the family doesn’t help by saying he gave his life for Autism. Will he be thought of as a martyr?!

References:  idoubtit on the Doubtful News website: Anti-vax doctor dead of apparent suicide; conspiracists fired up
Heather Carpenter: Fox Carolina News website: Body located in Rocky Broad River


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  • Dr. Bradstreet has helped countless children ease the co-morbid disorders that contribute to the behaviors in autism, my daughter included. Our lives are vastly improved thanks to his work. My daughter has normal GI functioning now, and no longer injures herself. She went from non-verbal and severely affected at 5, to conversational and academically appropriate at 9. It’s amazing what not constantly being in pain can do for a child’s wellbeing. Autism isn’t always curable but it sure is treatable. Maybe if it were your biological son and not just your stepson who was affected, you’d care more about quality of life for this population.

  • I spoke to Jeff at 12:30 that Thursday just when the FDA was there. He was calm and told me there was a emergency he would call me back the next day, Friday. He was a genius a very very smart man who would not have killed himself over this on such short notice. He would not leave his family hanging and it is against his beliefs to kill himself. this man was a hero that I believe was killed because he was going to cost the drug companies a lot of money by proving they had been behind autism. I have never believed in a conspiracy before but this is too obvious!

  • And another thing. Ask any doctor how or what would they would use if they wanted to off themselves? A messy, painful, not 100% sure self inflicted gun shot to the heart OR a drug of your choice? He was a pilot and a genius and was not do such a stupid thing. I am sorry to say it, but considering what it would have cost the drug companies if the truth came out; whatever they paid for this to happen is cheap!
    I want to donate to the investigation.
    Please tell me how.

    • The most painless method I have seen that the avg. bear could use as a method of self termination would be the use of helium gas, since the body/brain does not realize that the gas is not oxygenated. One simply looses consciousness and eventually dies from asphyxiation. Somewhat off topic I realize but thought it worthy of mention. The bolus shot is not always available to the common man. Peace

    • The funds are being raised
      through GOFUNDME. Dr. Bradstreet treated my son as a ministry for over 10 years. Many times I knew that he had been up all night searching for answers for all, but particularly the non-responders such as my son. He was a man on a mission to find the answers for all who have been stricken ‘ with ‘Autism’. This was his passion, and he was getting VERY close to his dream. If you haven’t seen him speak, visit Autism one and watch the videos of the conference in Chicago in May 2015. He was a True genius. The world has lost a wonderful leader.

  • We knew Dr. Bradstreet quite well and are shocked by his murder. His work with autistic children, our son being one of them, was compassionate, appropriate, and groundbreaking. The shallow reporting and diminishing comments from Doubtful News reflect a callous disregard for the facts and the undeniable contribution of this noteworthy professional are a testament to the horrid state of yellow journalism in this current society. Big Pharma is terrified that the public has discovered the deceit and lies it has perpetrated on the people of our nation. They will do anything to stem the tide of the growing health conscientious movement in America. My heart cries for his family and the autism community. R.I.P., Dr. Bradstreet

  • How does one pull the trigger of a shot gun pointed at one’s own chest? Shades of Vince Forster.

  • He killed himself with a gunshot wound to the chest??? I don’t think I have ever heard of that before in my life! That to me is what makes this very clearly not a suicide.

  • Jeff Knetsch June 27, 2015 at 10:40 pm Reply

    Dr. Bradshaw’s death is a tragedy for his family, friends and supporters. I am so sorry for their loss, and my prayers are with them in this difficult time. Tragically, he chose to end his life while under new investigations prompted by his beliefs that vaccinations can cause autism. Please open your minds and hearts to the possibility that, however heartfelt and sincere Dr. Bradshaw’s beliefs, and that he lived his life truly believing he was being guided by God, the significant medical evidence, from many that vaccines are not related to autism may be correct. Please do your own research. You will learn that more children will die if fewer children are vaccinated. The statistics are overwhelming. None of us want that, right?

    • I EMPHATICALLY disagree. My son reacted to his vaccines almost identically as Dr. BRADSTREETs son, falling into autism within DAYS of his cocktail of vaccinations. He also lost what speech he had left over a year later within days after a tetanus shot

    • Jeff Knetsch you are a blind, naive fool and that response was the dumbest thing I have heard. Pay attention man. In this world, when you go against the establishment and their agenda, you get suicided. Wake up ye ole sheep.

    • Jeff Knetsch I think you are the one in need of research. And if your going to talk about a Dr. you clearly didn’t know atleast get his name right. Not one of Dr. Bradstreets papers has been proven wrong, faulty or retracted by various medical journals and peer reviewed articles. And if you think for one minute a smart Dr. would shoot himself in this manner for his death you are clearly oblivious. There are more children that have recovered from the assault inflicted by vaccines all over the world than you will ever know because you haven’t done your research. You are just some troll or pro vaccine person who loves to go on the internet and spout your mouth. We have done our research, sadly after a horrible vaccine reaction. No matter what you say you can never un change the lives of the children that are now leading productive lives in society because of Dr. BRADSTREET, and that is a FACT. It is proven he has done so, and them stealing my sons medical records many years ago under “THE PATRIOT ACT” found no wrong doing. However the records were never returned. But that didn’t matter because all his records are backed up. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • I have an autistic son who has been treated by Bradstreet , because his mother fell in with his con act. The guy was a conman. My son went through every strange treatment Bradstreet advised my X to use on him.
    I have a scientific background and it became very clear early on that Bradstreet’s treatments were unscientific and just basically a way for him to get rich.
    To all those parents that had Bradstreet as their autistic son’s doctor, I ask: How much did you pay him? How much money did you give this charlatan that could have gone to give your child financial security. Bradstreet never once said, oh you might want to forgo this expensive treatment so that your child will have some financial security. No he took the money without a thought of the future of the child. The amounts are unreal. Absurd treatments. Because of this him this nation has thousands of autistic kids and their parents that pointlessly believe that they have to have specialized diets that will be close to impossible to sustain in their elder years when their parents are no longer around to maintain that diet for them. This guy was unbelievably selfish that and had little regard for the future of his patients and just was interested in the money.
    I don’t think he killed himself because of guilt, I believe he knew that the LAW had finally caught up with him. I only wish he had killed himself 15 years ago so that my son would have been spared his evil touch.
    One last thought
    He advised my X to take my son to Ukraine for stem cell therapy. The therapy involved injecting foreign stem cells under the skin in the region of the stomach. Stem cells are part of my scientific background and anyone in this field will tell you that to think that injecting foreign stem cells under the skin is going to have a beneficial effect on autism is absolutely ABSURD. It is LAUGHABLY ABSURD. But it sure made him money.

    • Dr. Bradstreet treated my son for over 10 years and NEVER CHARGED ME ONE DIME.

      • He never charged many many patients all over the world. Dr.s out to make money and scam don’t give the money away………

    • Clearly he advised you. You had the right to choose as everyone does. Not every child responds to these therapies, and he was the first to say so. That is why it is called research. And the diets you speak of actually were not his idea and if you do your research diets do indeed help. Most of your immune system starts in your gut, and that is a FACT. Diet helps many diseases and afflictions. If you research gluten and how it has changed over the years it is a completely different make up than what people consumed many years ago, and has been heavily sprayed with round up. With that point being made no one should consume any product that when a bug chomps it its stomach explodes. And basically diets are organic fruits,organic veggies, and organic meats. Yes, that diet is indeed hard to sustain if you are used to fast food, boxed mac n cheese, potato chips, hot dogs…and too plain lazy to cook. Garbage in garbage out.

    • YOU ARE WRONG. I’m sorry your child was not helped but I know of MANY families whose children were significantly helped and ours was one of them. You could not be more wrong.

    • I wish he would have died prior to 1994 since he treated my dad for 2 years for arthritis’s in his chest without running tests. A couple years later the cancer he had had spread to his lymph nodes and he lived almost 3 months to the day after that. At least hes dead cause iv dreamed of shooting that piece of @@@@. You know people make mistakes but when they cant admit their wrong just because of their own ego and then they kill someone in the processs then NO death is good enough for them (edited)

  • Agreeing with both Jeff Knetsch & Mike Trulelove . Great guys .
    Vaccines are clearly not the cause of the AUTISM PANDEMIC .
    We have the scientific proof in papers written by both Poul Thoresen & William Thompson to prove vaccines are safe and effective and that Vaccines are not the cause of Autism .

    Thanks guys . Thanks for everything .

    • You are 100% incorrect. I hope you do not have to experience first hand the results of the MMR and DPT and the results that can take place particularly if a child is on antibiotics at the time of the immunization. You have obviously not researched nor been impacted by this issue. While the immunization has caused severe issues that have been labeled ‘Autism’ because there was no other diagnosis and similarities exist between the original ‘Autism’ some children were born with and the new ‘Autism Spectrum’ which is a label for what happens to children who have a severe reaction to the MMR or DPT. The child has school records, family members, friends who can all attest to the child’s behavior, verbal skills, social skills PRIOR to the immunization. The night of the MMR or DPT a severe fever ensues and literally the next day your child is gone and a new child that no longer can look you in the eyes, talk or answer simple questions … is here… You should do some actual research before making a statement like this. They are NOT always safe and effective. The money that changes hands with this industry is what is blindfolding you.

  • To see a TRUE portrayal of Dr. Bradstreet, read the memorial on ACN Latitudes website.

  • I knew Jef Bradstreet. These are all lies. How convienent they kill him and now take him part in the media. Thousands of people and children were saved by him, read the blogs. He would have cost them billions of they did not killed him. How dare they! God knows what you did to him and what you are doing to all these people who are using your drugs. In short the FDA are puppets of the drug companies who r owened by the insurance companies who r owened by the banks who r owned by the oil companies. We are all fools!

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