Chelation – heavy metal poisoning treatment is not a therapy for autism – w/video

Parents who have been told their child has autism or have a suspicion of it hit Google. It’s the first thing they do. They think quite reasonably ‘what can I do to help my child?’. First things to come up are  Autism Speaks, DAN ( Defeat Autism Now) and therapies including ABA which stands for Applied Behaviourial Analysis.

Another to come up is Chelation.  On further searching is death by Chelation.

In 1998 a man called Andrew Wakefield released a paper claiming that Thimerosal in the MMR vaccines had a direct link to autism. In 2010 Wakefield was struck off the medical register, barred from practising medicine in the UK and the study withdrawn. Unfortunately the damage was already done further compounded by Jenny McCarthy‘s widespread attack on the MMR vaccine claiming it contained Thimerosal and the proclamation of it causing her son’s autism.

Thimerosal is an organic compound which contains ethylmercury. It’s easily broken down in the body and expelled. Its unlike methyl mercury which can be found in the body after consuming a large helping of some types of tinned fish which actually takes longer to expel from the system then mercury found in vaccines. It is also different to elemental mercury.

The MMR has never contained Thimerosal.*

Chelation therapy is for heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metal poisioning is caused by copious amounts of mercury, lead, iron, thalium and bismouth entering the body through inhalation, polluted water, lead based paints and industrial exposure. Injesting some medicines and foods kept in badly coated food containers can also cause it. Heavy metal is then stored in soft tissues of the bodies

Chelation works by employing molecules named chelators. Chelators zone in on stray atoms by using a small party of four acetric acid accompanied by a pair of introgen atom. When this group collides with a metal ion the molecules then grip it to be expelled.

Chelation binds heavy metal like lead and mercury, draws it out if the bloodstream to be rid from the body by urination.

It can also remove calcium and zinc. Its administered by IV, oral solution or transdermally.

This is a proven practice for heavy metal poisioning and an effective one. But what happens when there is no heavy metals present in the bloodstream?

On 26/8/05 a five year old autistic child lost his life due to chelation.

It happened in a medical centre in the US in a place called Portersville. He had been taken there by his misguided parents who believed he would then be free from autism.

His death was caused by a condition called hypocalcemia which is an electrolyte imbalance indicated by low albumin in the blood and means your calcium levels need urgently readjusting.He was on his third lot of chelation given intravenously.

The drug edectate disodium instead of edetate calcium disodium was administered. This child died from hypocalcemia which triggered a heart attack.

He had no heavy metal poisoning so the chelators diminished his body of its calcium.

After one google search, this writer was able to find several clinics in the UK one being The Burghwood Clinic who charge  £180 per hour for an initial consultation and £110 per IV session.

On their website it says :

“Neutralizing vaccines only takes a few days or weeks to work and the success rates are very high”.

They list an array of conditions and “paediatric problems” including: ADHD, Autism and Recurrent Digestive Problems.

They treat children from birth for consultations but you must supervise them at all times in the clinic.  Well meaning parents and vulnerable children targeted by private clinics offering a cure for autism and ADHD.

Its a disgrace and should be made illegal its dangerous and unfounded.

A five year old child should be playing and day dreaming, stimming and running in the park, not lying on a clinic bed being given chelation treatment for heavy metal poisoning he did not have, had never had.

Parents make sure your child’s not next.

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  • Tony Bateson says:

    Instead of publishing outright lies why don’t you publish the conclusions page of Andrew Wakefield’s Lancet paper of 1998. There is absolutely no claim in any shape or form that MMR causes autism. Stop being pharmaceutical gun fodder and learn the facts.

    Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

  • Visitor says:

    While you correctly added a statement that the MMR never contained thimerosal, you wrongly stated that Dr. Wakefield asserted or believed that the MMR did contain thimerosal. He never said it did, nor believed it did. Many like you have not researched this well and it shows a strong bias saying you jumped to a conclusion.

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