Autism’s sexiest celebrity men of 2014

Group portrait of a professional business teamonI hope the title caught you and while some of my choices for 2014 sexiest celebrity men may not appear all that sexy on the surface, my view is when you are kind, gentle and a class act…. well that make you pretty sexy in my books. The following 5 men were not looking for a photo op or good press. They were doing a good deed and it so happens it benefited someone on the spectrum. Starting with number 5 and working our way up to number one, here is my choice for number 5 for autism’s sexiest celebrity man of 2014:

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

5. Drew Carey

Drew Carey may not be the first name that one associates with “sexy” but he was clearly appalled that the Ice Bucket Challenge Attack took place in his home town. He then posted via twitter that if the Cleveland Police Department want to start a reward fund then he will donate $10k. Other celebrities including Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg and  Montel Williams. It is not clear how much publicity this story would have achieved on its own, but Carey made sure that it went national.

Thank you Drew.

James-Marsters4.  James Marsters

When Maymay, our residence autistic film critic, found out that her absolute favorite character, Spike, was at the Philly ComicCom last year…well, she was VERY excited to speak with him. You have to admit, Spike was hot. Turns out, James Marsters is one hell of an awesome guy and was more than willing to spend some time talking with Maymay about Buffy, and life in general. Particularly he talked about bullying and shared his own story with Maymay.

” You have to have hope. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up. You can’t give up on yourself. You’re incredible. Remember that. People think you can pick on someone because they are different or smaller.”

While this is one story that had no video to go viral, it was one of our very popular stories last year.

Thank you James.



3.  Andrew Garfield

After being tracked by the paparazzi back in 2012, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield made the most of their celebrity status by making signs to raise awareness for various organizations.  On June 18, paparazzi where waiting for the couple outside a restaurant in Manhattan. Hiding their faces behind messages they had just written,  Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield emerged and photographers took pictures which were subsequently published in BuzzFeed and Harpers Bazaar. On the card was written, “Here’s to the stuff that matters”. On the list of 5 organizations was

Thank you Andrew (and Emma)

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