November 7, 2014

vaccineWhen a child is diagnosed with autism some parents may struggle with this initially.  When they first find out they usually don’t have a great deal of knowledge about autism, and they more than likely don’t know about the positive aspects of the condition – or that nearly everybody with autism has a good quality of life.  They only really know about the negative aspects, and therefore they panic.  They look for someone to blame, but in reality there are no known outside causes of autism – it is just a difference in the functioning of the brain.  But in the past, and even to this day, a lot of people dispute this.

In the 1950s Bruno Bettleheim further developed the theory that that autism was caused by cold and distant mothers not loving their children – refrigerator mothers.  Obviously this isn’t true, and today we can look back and wonder how people ever believed such a thing, but at the time some individuals believed it made sense.  Children grew up not being able to do things independently, and not displaying the appropriate emotional reactions to situations.  They could sometimes become violent or drawn in to themselves.  To the people of the time – or at least some of them – these seemed like clear signs that the parents were somehow to blame, and had almost induced autism in to their children.  They noted how other children grew up neuro-typically, and this was clearly because they had been raised right – not taking in to account typically developing siblings of the autistic children.

Nowadays a lot of people believe that vaccinations can cause autism.  This is a controversial topic, and one that is often misunderstood by people on both sides.  Some parents claim their child had been vaccinated and developed autism, but they also say that their child had lost consciousness, and lost the air supply to their brain for some time. Losing oxygen to the brain can result in brain damage, and others argue that this seems more likely that the concept of the entire wiring of the brain being rearranged by a vaccination.  This theory also takes no account for autism before vaccinations were invented, and has been blamed for putting children at risk by encouraging parents not to get them vaccinated, and therefore leaving children open to potentially deadly diseases.  It also doesn’t take account of the fact that many children develop in a so-called `normal` way – up to about aged eighteen months – before their autistic traits come to the front.  This is not to say that vaccinations are in any way perfect, or that they can’t cause damage – potentially very serious damage to the brain – but it is argued that this should never be confused with autism; the autistic brain is not damaged, it is simply wired differently. Autistic people may take offence at the idea that others think their brain is somehow damaged.

This topic is bound to be divisive for years to come, and the people who argue that vaccines do cause autism will probably never be otherwise persuaded, but there has never been any definitive proof offered.  There is proof that vaccines can be dangerous, and that children can have an allergic reaction and become brain damaged, but throwing a perfectly natural, organic condition, and state of being such as autism in to the mix, is viewed by many as pointless and, counter-productive.


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Paddy-Joe Moran

Paddy-Joe Moran is a nineteen year old author of two books and blog writer with Aspergers from the U.K.

  • Provng whether something causes autism or any illness is virtually impossible.

    However several known causes are accepted such as heavy metal exposures, certain medically prescribed drugs etc etc.

    Vaccines do not normally affect adults badly or for the most part children but it is babies of one day and older or even in the womb that get vaccines without proof of total safety.

    Vaccine inserts point out a variety of possible side effects; the blanket protection for the industry does nothing to help fairplay and stories of companies spending a million dollars to save a payout of several times less dollars are well known. All provide a false idea for the 90 plus per cent that all is well.

    It is impossible for an industry that has made and continues to make medicines with side effects that all their vaccines are magically safe.

    When researchers are paid highly and either fake results (Thorsen), lie about results (Thompson) or are maligned ahundred times a day for ever (Wakefield) thenwe know propaganda is running the vaccine industry and people especially innocent babies are paying the price of deceit.

    Vaccines are and always will be a trade off between high degrees of protection (eg measles) and very low levels of risk (anaphylaxis etc etc etc).

    Time to accept the risks and stop defending them, so people can make informed choices.

    Pinks Disease, SMON and many other illnesses were foundto be caused by what the medical profession claimed for years was the cause.

    It took a hundred to two hundred years to discover repeat vaccines carry much higher risks (Charles Richet on anaphylaxis) and the link of vaccines to autism has only been put forward as an idea recentlyin comparison.

    It may be right, it may be wrong but when a child suffers from any vaccine (conjecture) why are doctors often insistent they get more and more of the same things (vaccines) that parents argue were bad for them?

    In nearly every story, we are told over and over that an early warning sign was discounted so the child who could have had temporary problems now gets lifelong health issues for whatever reason we choose to believe.

    And in all this confusion, yes, there are cases probably where an autism child got better after vaccines possibly? But for me I have never heard of such a case? Do they exist? Plenty (99 per cent) do claim there is no connection.

    And why do children get all the vaccines while most adults refuse them?

    Lots of questions and no answers as repeat vaccines and higher risks of anaphylaxis are thought to be so necessary that research on avoiding repeat vaccines is considered harmful to the child who does not get all the vaccines which vary from country to country.

    Notably the higher the regime of vaccines then there are loose links to the rate of autism.

    USA with most vaccines, has for example gone from top to bottom in current child health and not just autism.

    France where even the relaxed schedule is avoided to the extent of revamping it back to what it should be has on average much less cases of autism but does have them at a rate several times less than the USA.

    See USA poorer health and shorter lives document by the American Academy of Science.

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