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December 26, 2018

I have had enough of the mudslinging that is going around these days. Participating in it, only brings you down to the level of the other parties involved. Lately, it seems to have become a series of who can insult the other person the most.

Over the past couple of months we have brought you a number of articles and interviews regarding MMS and GcMAF.  We tried to present both sides in an objective and impartial manner.

Let me first be clear (again) on Autism Daily Newscast’s position. We oppose the use of MMS and GcMAF as it is potentially very harmful; has no evidenced based or peer reviewed research and as such, has not been approved by any viable medical agency for use.

Now comes a blog post that we have been bombarded with at Autism Daily Newscast, in the hope that we will share it. Why, because we are told it is such an important article in the exposing of MMS and GcMAF as a scam. No, it is not. It is at best in bad taste and not newsworthy and at worst, it is mean, cruel and disrespectful to another human being.

The author of the post claims that outing Amanda May Jewell as a former performer in adult movies for a short time around 1991 is absolutely relevant to her credibility. This may or may not be the case. That is not what this editorial concerns. It is about sinking as low as you can possibly get, by going to great lengths to humiliate Ms Jewell.

Stating that the post is for adults only is no excuse. No, we won’t link to the article, but I am sure some readers will be curious enough to search for it. It will be easy to find. The post goes on at great length, in each paragraph using suggestive photos and extremely explicit descriptions of what occurred in the scene.

If you have seen porn, you know it contains explicit and extensive kinds of sexual acts and I bet you don’t need to read the specifics. If you haven’t seen porn, then you most certainly don’t want to read the details. The blog post is exploitative and encourages hate mongering.

I repeat, hate mongering – exactly what some in the Autism Community accuse Autism Speaks of doing. I have had enough of it.

Advocates in the autistic community continually whine about a lack of respect shown to them. It works both ways – regardless of who that person is.  Each person is a child, friend, parent of someone else who is not part of any controversy. The insults do more than attack one person. It hurts those innocents, that we should be protecting on both sides of the argument. It makes the attacker and those that rally behind them, small and petty.

Until further notice, Autism Daily Newscast is issuing an embargo on all submissions related to GcMAF, Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Amanda Mary Jewell, Doug Jewell, David Noakes, Jim Humble or The Church of Genesis II.

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  • I am the author of the blog described in this post and therefore feel it’s prudent to come and defend my position and the reasons behind the authorship of the article in question.

    Firstly while I’d been in possession of the information for some time, I’d originally decided not to run with the information for the reasons you described, and theoretically I agree with some of the moral concerns. As a reputable news source I don’t question your stance on this matter because I can appreciate how it could potentially undermine your journalistic integrity.

    However let me make a couple of things clear: firstly I do not purport to be a journalist or a source of news. I’m a satirical blogger who primarily focuses on the exposure of frauds in a tongue-in-cheek way. My belief is that in an age of free speech, where people are difficult to hold to account for their actions, it is occasionally necessary to stop the softly-softly catchy-monkey approach and take decisive action. The information I have about this woman in addition to that which I published, would shock and appall you in equal measure. A number of people have used me as a beacon to try and expose her because of the absolute chaos she’s caused for a large number of individuals throughout her life. All of them wanted to see her held to account, all of them were disappointed that nobody had taken clinical measures to stop her from her relentless campaign of fraudulent money laundering. And while I respect your site and the work that you do, it was time to get this information out and start making real efforts to unearth the kind of person that innocent, vulnerable and helpless people are entrusting with their care. I fully understand and appreciate why it has caused this backlash and I made the decision to run it regardless. If it invites debate and draws attention to this issue then it’s done the job. If it garners sympathy for Amanda then you might want to stay tuned and tell me again in a year’s time that you still feel sorry for… trust me on this.

    My email address is attached if you wish to contact me and discuss this further.

    • Jerome. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you defining how you see your role. I also thank you for acknowledging of our position as reputable news source. While I think the extent of your description was unnecessary, I will defend your right to print it. I think given the explicit nature of the post only reinforces those that agree with you. I am not sure it will have the positive impact you would like to have occur. I say this as an individual and not as Editor. Of course, bad press the is sometimes the best.

      As Editor, I do disagree that this is proper journalism as others implied by tweeting and sending FB messages. It is not and you have so stated this.

      ADN will continue to publish relevant news regarding autism and autistics but we will not be used by any party for their own agenda- no matter how legitimate the cause. As Editor the means do not just the ends. Roberta

  • I am very upset to read the article printed today by Roberta Hill of Autism Daily Newscast.

    They have placed an Embargo on all stories related to MMS and GcMAF.

    They are outraged at an article written by Jerome Lamb regarding the Criminal and Charlatan Amanda Mary Jewell.

    He exposes her lies and her pretending to be a Cancer Researcher and Autism expert.

    Amanda Mary Jewell is abusing Autistic children by selling them dangerous unregulated products such as MMS and GcMAF.

    She works alongside Kerri Rivera and supports the abusive CD Protocol which involves poisoning Autistic children with a toxic bleach solution!

    This BLEACH is forced on Autistic children orally and via painful Enemas!

    Amanda Mary Jewell stems from a past in the porn industry where she carried out the most vile of acts.

    She has scammed so many people, some of whom I am speaking with at the moment.

    I am speaking of serious crimes!

    She is a member of the EVIL cult the Genesis 2 church and has been harming children and adults for many years now with dangerous unregulated products.

    Deaths occured at her Quack clinic in Bulgaria.

    I know the article Jerome Lamb wrote was shocking but everything in it is true!

    I feel it is relevant to highlight her REAL profession as she is claiming to be a Lawyer, an Autism Expert, a Cancer Researcher and now she plans to deliver STEM CELL Therapy!

    The woman is a danger to society and especially children.

    Amanda Mary Jewell has threatened me, abused and intimidated me and my family.

    She created an online Smear Campaign which dragged my children into it.

    I have emails of her threatening me also.

    At the time of this abuse to me and my family there was no Newspaper supporting me or speaking out on the vile threats we received.

    However there are many rallying round to support Amanda Mary Jewell on foot of one negative article!

    Amanda Mary is the one harming vulnerable children and adults, yet she seems to be the one receiving empathy ?

    To clarify I never wrote the said article that Autism Daily Newscast are complaining about and yet they decide to put out an Embargo on all reporting of MMS and GcMAF!

    I actually am shocked as Emma Dalmayne basically wrote every article for them and instead they stand by the Criminal and Charlatan Amanda Mary Jewell!

    I also had a colleague of mine ask me to publicly apologise to Amanda Mary Jewell today!

    I will do no such thing!

    Apologise to a monster who is abusing Autistic children and seriously ill people with dangerous unregulated products!

    I am shocked at the treatment myself and my colleagues have received in the past few days.

    Do people realise how hard we work voluntary day in, day out.

    We are exposing these Charlatans so they will be prosecuted!

    That involves work offline, speaking to the Authorities and endless begging to the media.

    It is exhausting and personally I have never worked this hard in my entire life!

    I will not however have myself or my wonderful colleagues treated this way!

    Autism Daily Newscast go ahead and place your EMBARGO!

    Those that don’t support us please stop sending bullying messages and comments to us!

    We will continue on as we have done for the past 18 months now EMBARGO or not!

    Thank you to my dear friends and brave colleagues Emma, Heather , Tim, Richard and everyone else who supports us!

    Roberta Hill wrote the article below which is directed at my colleagues and I.

    Again we did not WRITE said article she is complaining of but we believe the article is relevant as Amanda Mary Jewell is working with Autistic children.

    Please remember if you ignore or stay silent about these Charlatans then you are effectively supporting them!

    Many thanks Fiona O’Leary.

  • It may not be intended that way, but most advocates I think will permanently write-off ADN now as pandering to the commercial bleach kid-maiming crowd.
    Fact is, who among us all has got off their butt to do anything about 100’s of thousands of autistic kiddies being subjected to this chemical and sexual abuse? Answer: too few, way too few. And of the three doing anything – umm, you just silenced them all in one fell swoop.
    Not a good look. I know that may be far from your intention. But it is NOT how it will go down. Because there was so much MORE you could have done that would not result in any silencing… on the contrary.

  • its a shame that this embargo shuts down people who have been tirlessly working against these criminals and who and their families have been on the recieving end of threatening hate attacks., like the family of Fiona Oleary and others. I dont see how your embargo shows any empathy toward her. I did not see or read any of these personal attacks against the Jewell woman of the ‘church’ but realy, I could,nt care less, I have zero empathy for these sociopaths and what they do, the name calling is concidered by me ‘fair game’. Quite frankly I could’nt give a rats ass about the Jewell womans feelings, if any actually do exist. I think you have just awarded the enemy a freehand to be more bold in intimidating autistic activists, well done guys.

  • Suggest the evidence of the story is referred to Trading Standards and the Police/Serious Crime Departments in your jurisdictions individually (and possibly an interpol request). Once debate ignores the evidence and gets trudged into one-way arguments, that is when investigators need to take over. I don’t know who is right or wrong on this issue (and of course there is a case of libel on both sides that needs addressing, before it turns into a ‘he says, she says’ situation), but if the products (MMS, etc.) is supposed to be banned in the US, UK and in Ireland, and is NOT meant for consumption or medical use, then this is where the focus should be. Calling out about the personal habbits and associations of the accused (if this is indeed correct from ADNC’s testimony of why they’ve done the embargo to stop it) only confuses the issue and gives support (in the form of claiming to be ‘witchunted’) to the accused who actually must stand trial by the book, but could easily claim that it was a fiction in a court of law. Let’s get our priorities in order and challange them down the right avenues now.

  • I applaud Autism Daily News for making a difficult editorial decision. Let us hope that once ad hominem & other logical fallacies are deleted from articles, that the importance of banning CD/MMS & GcMAF can be discussed in a respectful manner.

  • On behalf of the Canadian and United States Anti-CD teams, I wish to publicly distance our teams, our work and our members from this blog by Jerome, and from those promoting and defending it.

    The reprehensible activities of Amanda Mary Jewell and her ongoing efforts to inflict abuse on autistics and others are widely publicised and ample material with which to work. What she was doing a quarter century ago is unconnected, irrelevant. WE as a community must not lose sight of the target and allow things to descend to personal attacks. This is not how a mature community presents itself, not how credible campaign is run, nor how a credible organisation acts.

    We collectively lend our voices to those standing with ADN on this matter. However, we are respectfully requesting that ADN continue to publicize the pertinent, non ad hominem facts regarding the pushers of these dangerous treatments.

    • Thank you. We stated that we are embargoing any submissions – should something come up that is newsworthy then we of course will report it.

      • Thank you for that clarification Roberta. Yesterday there was a sense that ADN was closing the door on all reporting of the issue, and that did cause worries for many (though careful reading of the original post should suggest otherwise).

    • very disappointed in your decision to stop publications regarding dangerous autism treatments Roberta.

      A question for both Stivvanos and Craig. Regarding your concern towards the articles being published, I am wondering how this concerns you two, as you obviously never write publications yourself. I have not seen yourself Stivvanos attempt to publish anything regarding this matter, neither have I see you liking or praising any articles written by Emma Dalmayne on this matter. Yet, here we are, happy to criticise, as always. Craig, again, have only seen you copy and pasting articles onto your website, without permission from Emma, or Fiona’s articles. Its very easy to take the moral high ground when you are not in the limelight yourself. It is also very easy to bully. Lets face it, both of you are personally delighted of the drama this article has caused, as it is giving you free reign to bully, which is what both of you are good at. Again, this article was no written by Fiona, Emma, who is strangely being punished for this, as neither Fiona or Jerome write for ADN

      • For the umpteenth time, we will continue to report new stories “regarding dangerous autism treatments” but we will not accept submissions until further notice.

      • How ridiculous. I have promoted both Fiona’s and Emma’s articles on the Community website:, often. I am always supporting them. As for being delighted about the drama that this article has caused , you couldn’t be further from the truth. Your “team” have discredited the hard work of many like myself, who want nothing more that dangerous autism treatments to discontinue.

        There are two groups of bullies, those who are making money from the sale of dangerous autism, treatments, and those who have got involved in personal attacks and mudslinging, instead of championing the cause and bringing these people to justice. To suggest that Stivvanos and me are bullies for speaking out against the anti-MMS bullies mentioned above, which this newspaper have placed an embargo on, due to their poor behaviour, is outrageous.

        • I would like to clarify that Emma writes for us. While her personal articles may be rather intense shall we say, her reports for us have always been professional and she has worked very hard to report the information as objectively as possible. Occasionally, we have accepted her submissions as op-ed. Fiona has never had an article published on ADN.

  • I think your decision not to support mudslinging of any kind was a sound one. You are absolutely correct that the mudslinging that has gone on isn’t good for anyone. However, I would hope that you would continue to publish articles about the dangers of MMS, GcMaf, and other dangerous Autism Treatments, to help stop these atrocities.

    Just like you I have stayed clear of articles based on character assassinations on our COMMUNITY website; .

    • We will report the news but we will not accept submissions. If it is mainstream it will most likely be covered by ADN. We are very concerned that parents with newly diagnosed autistics do not fall for these dangerous therapies.

    • I think your American /Canadian team have said it all, Fiona.
      “On behalf of the Canadian and United States Anti-CD teams, I wish to publicly distance our teams, our work and our members from this blog by Jerome, and from those promoting and defending it.

      The reprehensible activities of Amanda Mary Jewell and her ongoing efforts to inflict abuse on autistics and others are widely publicised and ample material with which to work. What she was doing a quarter century ago is unconnected, irrelevant. WE as a community must not lose sight of the target and allow things to descend to personal attacks. This is not how a mature community presents itself, not how credible campaign is run, nor how a credible organisation acts.

      We collectively lend our voices to those standing with ADN on this matter. However, we are respectfully requesting that ADN continue to publicize the pertinent, non ad hominem facts regarding the pushers of these dangerous treatments.”

    • I think your American /Canadian team have said it all, Fiona.
      The Canadian and United States Anti-CD teams, wish to publicly distance our teams, our work and our members from this blog by Jerome, and from those promoting and defending it.

      The dispicable activities of Amanda Mary Jewell and her ongoing efforts to inflict abuse on autistics and others are widely publicised and ample material with which to work. What she was doing a quarter century ago is irrelevant. WE as a COMMUNITY must not lose sight of the target and descend to personal attacks. This is not how a mature community presents itself, not how a campaign is run, nor how a credible organisation acts.

  • I’ve attempted to clear up some of the confusion in a follow-up article below:

    Don’t penalise everybody on the basis of my insane ramblings. If this issue is important, it’s important. I stand by my decision to publicise, but that’s my decision, not Fiona’s or Emma’s or anybody else involved. Declaring an entire embargo is over the top- if you want to denounce MY work, then that would be a far more measured course of action.

    • Jerome, if you read my reply on your comment you would have see that I defend your right to post what you wrote on your own site. I am not penalizing any body based on your ramblings. As far as I am concerned it wasn’t newsworthy and took away from the issues. Nor is is an entire embargo – we are not accepting any more submissions. We will report news. What I am fed up with are people – whom I did not name that continue to send me irrelevant information encouraging that we print it.

      Finally, it is unfortunate that Emma Dalmayne’s name keeps being mentioned when she has NOT been involved in any of this latest situation and is away on vacation. Emma writes for us and always clears her articles with us beforehand. We appreciate the lengths that she has gone through to bring out the issues in a professional manner – which I know can be hard when she is so passionate an advocate. We will always consider articles that she wants to bring to us. The majority we approve but not all – the same has been the case in the past and will continue to be so. As for Fiona, I realize that she has been the brunt of many attacks by those promoting these terrible treatments but again why she seems to be the centre of this discussion is quite beyond me.

  • This is both baffling and saddening. You have taken exception to the contents of one blog so you are not accepting submissions on anything on the subject of that blog. Illogical, Captain. Like saying you don’t like ‘Octopus’s Garden’ so you refuse to listen to anything by The Beatles ever again. Surely you should embargo anything which is, in your words, in bad taste, not newsworthy, mean, cruel or disrespectful. But I’m sure you do that anyway. It was not the subject matter which you find problematic, it is the way this blogger expressed himself. So embargo that! But for heaven’s sake please carry on considering submissions about an organised gang of child abusers!! Whether you like Fiona and Emma or not (and I do really do by the way), they are without doubt the most effective advocates we have in the British Isles and they did not write the offending article but now you have constructively excluded them from your publication. Please reconsider this decision, I respectfully believe it to be faulty.

    • This is not about what the blogger wrote – it is about the extend that we were pressured to print it as news. Jerome never claimed as such – nor did he forward it to us. And what does it matter that we won’t reprint what every blogger has to say on any subject that relates to autism?

      We do not accept a lot of submissions for independent articles because they do not meet our submission requirements as clearly stated on our site. We publicly, rather than privately, decided to state our position.

      Again it is submissions, not real news items, on this topic would not be accepted for the time being. We were being transparent rather than behind the scenes. So we get hit for actually being honest rather than remaining silent and just doing what we want to do. That would have been a much easier route and no one would have known. No one would have questioned us. We could have gone on pretending everything was all right and advocates would continue to do what they do and not figure out why they were not getting the press they desire. In fact one of our supporters asked me directly why I choose to make a statement rather than quietly do what I wanted… The answer? Integrity.

      And yes, as a news site we in fact do have an obligation not to print anything that is WRITTEN in bad taste, not newsworthy, mean, cruel or disrespectful. This is something that autistics constantly demand for themselves and even the hint of this not being the case – such as a questionable choice of language – they are all over us. We have never shied away for the difficult issues.

      As for Fiona and Emma — Fiona is not a writer for us but has been included and quoted in the past AND should her actions be newsworthy she will be quoted again – this despite her opinions of ADN or me personally. Emma has been a writer for us and has covered many topics besides this issue and advocated as such. She is welcome to write for us anytime.

      Until this case, pressure to publish has been on a case by case basis and hence no public statement was required. This was different and I choose not to go into details. Since we will continue to report on this issue but not take unsolicited submissions, I do not think my decision is faulty – just very unpopular in some quarters.

      Now I have three questions for you and others who have commented here.
      We have over 65,000 unique visitors each month and of those 15,000 visit about once a week. Are you one of those?
      We have over 5,350 subscribers to our weekly newsletter and 45% open it every week to read it. Are you one of those?
      When we conducted our reader survey – 70% supported a combination of advertising and reader supported. Are you one of those?

      Somehow I doubt it for the following reason. The article was posted on October 1st and it took over a day before anyone noticed and began commenting – this includes on Facebook.

      Finally,despite that fact that this article probably has more comments than any other (half being mine) it has not been read as much as most of our other reports. So I ask myself. Is this a two way or one way street?

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