July 17, 2017

vaccinationsThere seems to be some new research published weekly that refutes to make a claim that discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield’s claims to a link between the MMR vaccination and Autism development.

Autism Daily Newscast would like to point out that NO medical evidence has yet been determined for the causes or development of Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders, but this debate continues to rage on.

As reported in the Health Impact News Daily, Italian and US courts have ruled for parents who have sued for ‘brain damage’ on behalf of their vaccinated children. Court judges, are not however trained in biological medicine. The report states:

And today, scientists and physicians from Wake Forest University, New York, and Venezuela, reported findings that not only confirm the presence of intestinal disease in children with autism and intestinal symptoms, but also indicate that this disease may be novel. [viii] Using sophisticated laboratory methods Dr. Steve Walker and his colleagues endorsed Wakefield’s original findings by showing molecular changes in the children’s intestinal tissues that were highly distinctive and clearly abnormal.

From 1998 Dr. Wakefield discovered and reported intestinal disease in children with autism. [ix] Based upon the medical histories of the children he linked their disease and their autistic regression to the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR vaccine). He has since been subjected to relentless personal and professional attacks in the media, and from governments, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. In the wake of demonstrably false and highly damaging allegations of scientific fraud by British journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal, Dr. Wakefield is pursuing defamation proceedings against them in Texas.

The frivolous report, raised concerns with me, as a mother of an autistic son as well as a reporter, because of the flippancy. Where is this documented evidence the report states about? Aren’t we as parents intelligent enough to sit down, read, and digest information written about conditions we live with and see in our children? I could find no evidence of new studies in the citation, and therefore determine any of the ‘fact’ the article claims to display.

More disconcerting are rumours, that could be read by worried parents who are genuinely debating against vaccination. Until anything is medically proven, this mummy finds rumour mongering, and genuinely poor journalism quite scary because of the impact it cuses.

It is scaremongering technique. I later, stumbled upon this article, which I’m happy to share with readers.

We would love to hear your opinions on this ongoing debate. Why is the vaccination debate still running so hot?

About the author 

Shân Ellis

Shân Ellis, is a qualified journalist with five years experience of writing features, blogging and working on a regional newspaper. Prior to working as a journalist, she was a ghost writer for top publishers and was closely involved in the editing and development of book series. Shân has a degree in the sciences, and 5 A levels. She lives in the UK and is the mother of an autistic child.

  • The debate continues because there are credible science to support that vaccines can and do cause brain injury or encephalopathy. Even the CDC director admitted after Poling decision that vaccines can cause autism like symptoms.

    We need to have a credible look into vaccine safety instead of relying on tobacco science studies that media keeps promoting that there is no link. Yet there are many studies that are peer reviewed and published that show causation of brain injury.

  • What I don’t understand neither as a mum nor as a person who has worked with children with autism for 14 years now, is why do they have to give so many vaccines to so little children???? Why don’t they increase the age of the children????? I am not really against vaccinations but I can comprehend the reason why I have to start injecting chemicals in my 2 month old baby’s body….

  • Hi

    Yes, the number of vaccines and the early date is most worrying. SIDS has decreased but it is not yet clear whether this is a real decrease of one of putting SIDS diagnoses into other groups.

    And if we accept it is real, does this mean the arguable increase in autism represents SIDS cases where the baby did not die?

    The CDC in 2013 agree that SIDS peaks corresponds to the time of vaccines.

    With again arguable claims of up to 1 in 3 children with some neurological deficits this again means we are over-diagnosing or that children face some toxic encounters at increasing rates.

    The use of all manner of drugs also need looking at from before birth to those at the same time as vaccines.

    If you look at current medical research it seems to be too much of there is no link or cause of X to Y?

    Why is this when if you look at research a 100 years ago, there are so many exciting discoveries coming through all the time. And even then much disagreement about everything as well!

    Ones that interest me are the normal ANAPHYLACTIC events after repeat vaccines (RICHET) and the discovery of the mechanism by which it destroys bones and leaks blood everywhere (DALE) and how adrenaline is not the antidote that todays doctors claim it is for the rare cases of anaphylaxis after vaccines but merely lets it go unnoticed inside those affected.

    In short where is the research on the follow up of babies and children prescribed adrenaline for any reason and especially for correcting adverse events after vaccines.

    Let us have more research without fear of being thrown out of the profession if it enables vaccines found at fault to be made safer.

  • Most vaccines should give good protection with just one shot and some vaccine companies actually admit if you start late you do not need all the repeats which are necessary if you start at the recommended time.

    It is something to think about.

    And the religious and other ways people can abstain from vaccines is barborous as you cannot then pick and choose so leaving that child say without a necessary vaccine because they dont want frivolous vaccines (HEP B a venereal disease does not merit everyone to have this at day one and from 1991 to 1999 it contained ten times more thimerosal than it does today)

  • Once again the whole MMR debate is dragged up and yet again, I feel that without the correct research taking place there will be no definitive answers. Once again there is just mere speculation frightening those parents who are about to give their children and vaccine and those whose children who have recently had it. I find it all very frightening indeed

  • My son reacted badly to each MMR he was given. After the 4th one at 14 months he stopped talking and breastfeeding overnight. He did not talk again until he was 7 and has suffered from autism since then. If only I had gone on my instincts as a mother instead of trusting the patronizing dialog of the doctor, he might be a normal 37yr old man today. But back in 1976 you did not question doctors. They were supposed to know it all. Now, as a nurse myself, I know they are only human like the rest of us. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS AS A MOTHER first and formost! I am NOT advocating the discontinuance of vaccines for our children, only educating yourself in what to watch for and what NOT to do if your child reacts. READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF! Your child’s life and future depends on it!

  • The debate is still so hot because there are thousands of parents who watched their children regress into autism after vaccinations. I was questioning vaccines well before I ever even heard of Andrew Wakefield- and I am willing to bet that a whole heck of a lot of other parents were too. No there is no definitive answer for why autism happens, and no there can’t possibly be just ONE cause. But our kids are sick. Physically and neurologically. The odds that thousands of parents telling essentially the same story is mere coincidence is highly unlikely. Something is wrong. And instead of credible studies being done looking for a possible link in SOME CHILDREN, those of us who are saying there is are being called crazy and looking for excuses.

  • I just want someone to explain to me, why my perfectly normal and even advanced 4 year old collapsed after his pre school MMR and spent the next 18 months in and out of hospital with a crashed immune system, he almost died twice during this time. He regressed from a bright, normal 4 year old (YES 4 YEAR OLD!) into autism. WHY? classic autism does not strike normal 4 year olds. he also developed epilepsy. He is now 21 and will never live a normal life and I am so angry even now about this. One brain injury expert Dr told me that when the government sent troops to war they expect casualties and they also expect casualties when they mass vaccinate. This Dr said I am very sorry but your son was a casualty. I just want answers.

    • Hi Kate. My daughter also collapsed after her MMR at age four. She couldn’t sit or stand again for a week. She could just lay on her back. Thank god she pulled through. Now they are after her again since she started college this week. Doctors are freaking creeps!

  • It can be difficult to understand recent scientific findings–especially for nonscientists.
    For example, many casual readers might not understand that the report of the recent Wake Forest University findings did not include either age-matched controls or indeed any appropriately-matched controls, so that all that can be claimed is that gene expression in children with ASD differs from gene expression in children without ASD–but we already knew that, although that result has been resisted by those who think that ASD is not due to genetic differences.

  • Everything may not come to light as soon as we would like it to, but follow the money is a good rule of thumb – in this case, the money in the drug industry.

  • Quote:
    “Court judges, are not however trained in biological medicine”

    Why would they even mention this fact; I could only guess to convince those that don’t know any better; the fact that those judges are only there as referees between to adversaries. Not to determine if vaccines are a cause of, or not. The burden of proof is on the to parties involved in these cases. The judge is only there to maintain impartiality, adherence to standards, safeguard both the rights of the accused and the interests of the public, and determine whether the prosecution has established the guilt of the accused as required by law, etc…. NOT to be the determining expert on the subject mater of the case at hand. You people really need to get a clue…


      • Thanks Mark, we try and bring a balanced view of the news in Autism and autism news, we appreciate your opinion on the piece.

        • Thank you for your thanks Shân Ellis…

          I would only like to point out that this is not my opinion. This is simply how the judicial system works. You know what they say about opinions…

          For the common man/woman true power, and remedy resides in the judicial system (for those who know how to use it), not in the political, and media circus.


  • A scientist i knew told me in 1997 u will see menningicocal go through the roof due to vaccinations in the next ten years, well it did, babies and teenagers losing limbs etc anyone speaks out they are either discredited and lose their dr’ licence…even though she was highly respected as a government scientist when she started looking at vaccines they try to discredit her????

  • I read everywhere that the courts that reach these conclusions are ‘vaccine courts’ comprising of highly scientific and highly qualified people. These courts are not just your average ones.
    To get a hearing in one of these courts is extremely difficult.

  • Wakefield is lying to Americans circumventing the REAL issue with the MMR> Sorbitol. He won’t talk about this either, because he co-engineered it, and to do so Americans would be up in arms. Sorbitol attacks the endocrine system via the liver and kidneys by disrupting mitochondrial production of choline (immediate) and a ATP (puberty). See an endocrinologist for what happens next. It looks, walks and talks like autism, just in THIS case the mechanism for this is not the Purkinje layer in the cerebellum. It’s endocrine, and if you catch the symptoms BEFORE the victim experiences adolescent acidosis, these disappear with large doses of choline, potassium and magnesium. FACT. Get him to talk about that! He will NOT, nor will he discuss his relationship with British Eugenics Society. He’s a fraud, and he’s he’s in the US to damage. Americans are unGodly slow to figure this out.

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