Young woman with autism shares her thoughts and feelings with the world

India – The New Times of India recently reported about a young woman with autism, Stuti Sarkar, 22, who shared her thoughts about autism with the world.

“Hello Bangalore. Today is April 2. Happy World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). I am sharing my thoughts to the world through City Express, so that everyone gets to know more about us. You all must know my feelings. My thoughts. My pain. My dreams. I am Stuti Sarkar. I am 22 years old,”

Stuti was diagnosed with autism at a young age and is pre-verbal.

She communicates via a board, designed on the lines of a QWERTY keyboard. Stuti told:

“I want to tell everybody please try to understand us. I feel still we are not accepted by the society. I really feel sad when people call us crazy. We are also interested to do some work like others. I am looking forward when we will get a chance to stand next to others and not at the end of line,”

Stuti believes that every child with autism is gifted with many abilities but that they need help from others in order to guide them. She also adds that patience plays a vital role in the life of human beings.

“Patience is required for every work. It is the ladder of success. Impatience is the downfall of success. All great people have lots of patience. I am basically an impatient person. I want to improve my level of patience,”

The original article by Anantha Krishnan in The New Indian Express can be read here