Necklaces inspired by boy with autism sold all over the world

Drew Elliott from Facebook

Drew Elliott from Facebook

Boise, Treasure Valley, USA – Drew Elliott, 8 has autism and has inspired the sale of his necklaces all across the globe. The article states that it all started when Drew told his mum that he wanted a best friend. Natalie, Drew’s mum said:

“He and I were at a restaurant one day and he was feeling sad and there were about 13 construction workers, greasy hands and hard hats on, and he said ‘I want someone to wear the other half of my BFF necklace and I asked a whole bunch of kids and no one would wear it,”

The 13 construction workers present heard what Drew said and they all wanted to wear one, but only if Drew made the necklaces himself and so he did.

He made the 13 necklaces and then word spread about them via Facebook and he became an instant star.

Natalie said:

“It became a little Facebook page called Drew Elliott and Friends. Hundreds of people have liked the page and requested the necklaces. Once they get them, they post pictures.”

Drew’s necklaces are now being worn around the world. Drew is finding acceptance from friends from all over the world.

He said:

“People are sweet, kind and I just love them,”

Natalie said that the necklaces mean something special.

“They just mean that every child deserves to be accepted and loved and feel like they have a friend, and that’s what they are about,”

Drew Elliott and Friends Facebook page can be found here

The full article by Maggie O’Mara on the website can be found here