Autism advocate David Crowe, dies

copyright the southeast Missourian

copyright the southeast Missourian

Cape Girardeau, Missouri – Autism advocate and father of Taylor Crowe, founder of the Tailor Institute has after a battle with brain cancer.

The orthodontist and photographer passed away peacefully at his home at Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Friday morning, March 7.

Crowe was an avid autism advocate and campaigner since the diagnosis of his son Taylor in childhood. Doctors predicted that Taylor would never lead an independent life.┬áTaylor is a licensed driver, college graduate, lecturer and successful artist who provides regular editorial cartoons for the Southeast Missourian’s Opinion page.

In 2003, Crowe founded the Tailor Institute, a not-for-profit organization that works on the belief that individuals with autism could live independently and reach their full potential if provided tailored services based around their skills.

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