Young man with Asperger’s found dead in housing for vulnerable adults

image taken from Mail Online

image taken from Mail Online

Somerset, UK Jack Ellis, a 20-year-old man with Asperger’s disorder was found dead in his supported housing flat for vulnerable adults. Mr Ellis was not found until nearly a week after he died. It is believed that he committed suicide.

Mr Ellis’s mother, Helen Ellis, 57  said she last saw her son on March 3 before she found him lifeless in his flat on March 8.

Mr Ellis who was also diabetic,  is said to have been a victim of constant torment and bullying on Facebook and via text messages, months before he died. He was also reportedly attacked by a gangster just six weeks prior to his death.

Initial reports suggest that Mr Ellis may have died due to an overdose from undisclosed medications. Dr. Cornelia Feuchtwang, the physician whom Ellis regularly visited, said she and Mr Ellis’ diabetes nurse had already limited his prescriptions earlier on, after he first attempted to overdose.

His sister, Rebecca, told:

“He was supposed to be in a safe place and nobody noticed he was dead. It was supposed to be monitored, with a key worker, but it became quite apparent when the key workers went home at 5pm people were just left alone.”

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